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Deutsche Börse Group in an overviewOur six services and brands

Deutsche Börse Group
Deutsche Börse Group operates around the globe and is one of the world’s leading stock exchange organisations. On the basis of its integrated business model, the group offers a wide range of services and products and serves markets across the world. It has a comprehensive portfolio of brands, products and services addressing various actors from different segments of the financial industry. Legally protected trademarks of Deutsche Börse Group help distinguish the services of the company from competing services or goods.


Deutsche Börse Cash Market
Stock exchanges bring companies from the real economy together with investors on the capital market. Both large, international enterprises and medium-sized companies raise equity or debt capital via Deutsche Börse. They can choose from different transparency segments.


Investors can share in the growth of the real economy – and promote it with their investments.

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Exchange trading is as close as you can get to a “perfect market”: Deutsche Börse operates regulated markets for equities, derivatives and other instruments, based on its Xetra® und T7® electronic trading systems.


Prices are determined on exchanges on the basis of free buy and sell decisions, which then serve as guidelines for companies’ future prospects.

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Eurex Clearing
Clearing is used to net out claims and liabilities relating to financial instruments against each other. Eurex Clearing AG, Deutsche Börse Group’s clearing house, acts as a buyer for every seller and a seller for every buyer. Market participants provide collateral to manage the risk that arises in trading.


Clearing is comparable to insurance against counterparty default for market participants.

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After trading and clearing, Clearstream – Deutsche Börse Group’s post-trade services provider – supports market participants in settling their delivery obligations and in holding the securities purchased in safe keeping. These securities can then be used as collateral.


Post-trade services enable market participants to satisfy legislators’ regulatory requirements reliably and efficiently.

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Deutsche Börse Group
IT is the foundation for all exchange services. Deutsche Börse operates data centres for trading and settlement and programs the related software. It also builds and supervises the network linking participants.


Reliable trading and settlement systems – and hence market security – are the top priority for IT at Deutsche Börse.

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Market data

Institutional and private investors base their decisions on market data – which in turn create new information. Deutsche Börse produces and distributes price data from its Eurex and Xetra trading systems and indices on global market trends.


Thanks to their independence, exchanges can deliver objective measurements of market trends.

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