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7 Market Technology

7 Market Technology

The proven infrastructure technology of Deutsche Börse Group for licensing worldwide

Today’s global markets demand new standards of flexibility and performance. 7 Market Technology series from Deutsche Börse Group offers a range of innovations in trading, clearing, risk management and connectivity – advanced infrastructure that lets you adapt to whatever the future brings.

The “7 Market Technology” series branding scheme supports the Group’s integrated business model and underscores the strategic IT objective to build and operate premium, innovative infrastructure. At present, the 7 Market Technology series comprises the T7® trading infrastructure, the C7® clearing infrastructure, which launched on 9 May 2016, the N7® global network, the M7® trading platform and the F7® trading system.


T7®, a state-of-the-art trading architecture, has been firmly established both in derivatives trading at Eurex Exchange and the trading of energy products at the European Energy Exchange (EEX) since 2013. In addition, T7 was customised to Indian market requirements and has been implemented by BSE (formerly known as the Bombay Stock Exchange).

In July 2017, Xetra, Deutsche Börse Group’s fully electronic cash market trading platform, also started running on T7. The resulting harmonisation of Xetra and Eurex technology creates a common basis for trading cash market and derivatives products and provides significant synergy effects for trading participants.

The Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) and the Vienna Stock Exchange also migrated their equities trading to T7 in July 2017.

The T7 trading architecture represents a state-of-the-art technology, defined by attributes such as high-speed performance, outstanding efficiency, large capacity and throughput as well as exceptional reliability and availability. Its flexible design allows the creation of applications and functionalities unique to each market structure and client base as well as rapid technology upgrades.

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The C7 clearing infrastructure, which launched in June 2014, was developed by Deutsche Börse IT. As a next-generation clearing system, it combines state-of-the-art technology both on a hardware and software level and ensures more flexibility for the future introduction of new products and services by providing a low-footprint solution to the market. Eurex Clearing is the lead user of the technology.

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N7, Deutsche Börse’s global network, interconnects market participants with the major players of the financial services industry throughout Europe, North America and Asia. It delivers unique key features, e.g. extremely high reliability and lowest latency, global reach and a high-quality 24 hours service.

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M7 is a trading platform for commodity markets used by exchanges and wholesale brokers to run intraday futures, forwards, cleared and OTC markets. M7 offers users state-of-the-art technology, high speed and reliable connectivity and availability, as well as superior performance and a flexible frontend. Its versatile design allows the creation of applications and functionalities that are unique to a particular market structure or client base. Because M7 is hosted on Deutsche Börse’s servers, clients can benefit from using the system without investing in additional hardware or software. The M7 trading system includes iron ore, steel, oil, freight, pulp, paper and fertilisers, in addition to the gas, electricity and emissions markets.


F7 is the new trading system of Eurex Repo, the leading provider for international financing in the secured money market business. It meets the requirements of a state-of-the-art trading environment for repo trading and securities lending. F7 enables flexible graphical user interface configurations, taking into account the needs of different client groups and regulatory requirements. Due to its web-based technical architecture, future release updates do not require installation by clients, resulting in better IT cost efficiency.

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