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Market data and IT services

Market data and IT services

Institutional and private investors base their decisions on market data, thereby creating new information. Deutsche Börse produces and distributes diverse data, and supports its customers on a technical and IT level.

Deutsche Börse Group’s Market Data + Services segment was formed in 2013 when the market data and technology businesses were merged. The segment aims to take advantage of the many different opportunities arising from the increasing digitisation of value chains in the financial sector – in particular, the interaction of data and technology.

Market data

Decisions made by the players on the financial markets are based to a significant extent on information provided by Deutsche Börse, among others: market data being the most well-known. Market data is either transmitted directly by Deutsche Börse or redistributed by what are known as data vendors, e.g. Bloomberg or Thomson Reuters. As an independent information provider, Deutsche Börse serves a range of target groups: both private and institutional investors, asset managers, securities trading houses, or hedge funds use the information provided to analyse the current market situation and then to decide on their future investment strategies, risk positions, or securities issues.

The most important product groups include its range of more than 12,000 indices including the STOXX® and DAX® index families. The DAX and STOXX indices reflect Deutsche Börse’s core values of transparency, reliability and innovation. Since the introduction of the DAX index more than 25 years ago and the EURO STOXX 50 in 1998, the index families have been continuously expanded.

Deutsche Börse’s data portfolio also extends to price data from the Eurex® and Xetra® trading systems, as well as trading statistics, research, company master data, financial news and economic data.

As a recognised specialist in the commercialisation and dissemination of low latency market data, Deutsche Börse has cooperations and partnerships with a number of other exchanges such as the Irish Stock Exchange.

IT services

Today, exchanges are also technology businesses. This is why Deutsche Börse provides networks, high-performance computers and software for the trading and post-trading business all over the world. The continuous enhancement of innovative technologies also ensures system reliability in the future, enabling a high degree of efficiency.

Keep the customer satisfied!

Our IT Customer Support-Team always follows this golden rule, as proven by our Customer Feedback 2016.

Deutsche Börse’s advanced technologies make it one of the world’s leading IT companies. It supplies specially tailored IT solutions to other exchanges and financial services providers, and connects customers and partners globally. In order to manage the steadily increasing volume of data traffic and to ensure smooth trading and post-trading, Deutsche Börse regularly upgrades its software to retain its cutting edge. The focus here is always on new functions that allow market participants to adapt their processes to the changing regulatory framework quickly and easily.

Deutsche Börse Group offers existing platforms and infrastructure “as a service” to its customers. This includes the “7 Market Technology” series – the first global IT infrastructure offering of its kind. The offering currently comprises T7® (derivatives trading platform), C7® (derivatives clearing platform), N7® (network), M7® (multi-asset class trading platform focused on energy and commodities) and F7® (trading system of Eurex Repo). With systems such as Creation or CASCADE, Deutsche Börse Group also offers the necessary IT for post trading.