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Deutsche Börse Customer Technical Support

Deutsche Börse Customer Technical SupportResults of 2016 customer survey

Deutsche Börse’s Customer Technical Support, or CTS, is the first point of contact for all our customers’ technical support inquiries. Our Service Delivery Support teams ensure that any disruptions that might affect exchange participants’ access to our trading systems are remedied swiftly; they also coordinate the implementation of initial and change requests within our infrastructure. Be it in Prague, Eschborn or Chicago, our support team is available around the clock, from Monday to Friday.

In order to offer excellent services, we conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys. Over the past four years, the proportion of customers who were highly satisfied with our services has been rising steadily. 2016 was a challenging and exciting year; nevertheless, we were able to once again increase the proportion of highly satisfied customers by 4 per cent to some 79 per cent.

Support experiences are influenced by many factors

We want to learn more about our customers’ individual requirements and experiences, which is why we ask them to tell us about particularly positive or negative interactions they remember. It is essential for support services to be capable of supplying quick and knowledgeable responses, especially in challenging times. Here as well, we were able to improve our performance year-on-year: in 2016, 45 per cent of customers reported positive experiences in connection with CTS – a rate 2.6 times as high as that of customers who recalled disappointing situations.


Our customers expect direct, fast and competent responses to their inquiries. They support and praise our current model, i.e. supplying a personal and committed point of contact who is familiar with both the customer and the services of Deutsche Börse.

Receiving regular customer feedback not only raises our awareness of customers’ problems; it also helps us to improve our services, enabling our experts to offer targeted support even more swiftly.

We would like to thank all participants for their valuable feedback.

Phuong Hieke
“Our customers’ feedback contains valuable information for the entire team. In order to use it in the best way possible, we first look through comments and categorise them. This way, we learn where our customers would like to see improvements, e.g. in the areas of ‘communication/documentation of changes’, ‘report availability’ and ‘quality of software for Eurex T7® release’. We then pass on these insights to management, of course. Some comments are also relayed to our customer support team: many of them positive, some also pointing out room for improvement. Our support team is then able to contact customers directly and put their suggestions into practice.”

Phuong Hieke, Head of Technical Key Account Management