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Exchange trading is as close as you can get to a “perfect market”: Deutsche Börse operates regulated markets for equities, derivatives and further products, based on its Xetra® and T7® electronic trading systems.

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Derivatives market

In the derivatives market, business areas for trading and clearing deriavtives and repos are combined. Derivatives are financial instruments based on other instruments (e.g. equities, indices, bonds, currencies, or commodities). Via the different trading platforms of Deutsche Börse Group, investors get access to a broad range of futures and options contracts on interest rate, equity index and equity products, as well as on gas, electricity and emission rights. By trading in derivatives, investors are able to hedge against market and price risks arising from equities and bonds, for instance.

Eurex Exchange

Deutsche Börse’s Eurex Exchange is one of the world’s largest regulated markets for derivatives trading. Eurex Exchange provides access to a broad range of global benchmark products. Overall, the portfolio comprises more than 2,000 exchange-traded derivatives. The derivatives on Euro-Bund, Euro-Bobl and Euro-Schatz are the world’s leading fixed-income derivatives and have developed into the benchmark for bond trading in euro. Moreover, the euro-denominated equity index derivatives rank among the most heavily traded products of this asset class. The range includes futures and options on the most liquid global, European and national indices such as DAX®, SMI®, STOXX®, Dow Jones and MSCI and also daily futures on the Korean KOSPI 200 Options.

Besides these flagship products, the derivatives exchange offers contracts on single equities, ETFs and dividends, and furthermore, volatility, weather, property and a growing choice of commodity derivatives.

Eurex Exchange has focused on fully electronic trading combined with an international network right from the start: today, around 400 market participants in more than 30 countries are connected to its T7 trading system developed by Deutsche Börse IT. T7 is extremely stable even at peak load times and processes orders in milliseconds.

European Energy Exchange

The Leipzig-based European Energy Exchange (EEX) is also part of Deutsche Börse Group. It is the leading European energy exchange and trading venue for power derivatives, natural gas and CO2 emission allowances. Trading in CO2 emissions certificates helps market participants meet their obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the EU’s emission rights trading system.

Eurex Repo

Eurex Repo® is the leading provider for international financing in the secured money market business (repo and securities lending). This continuously growing marketplace serves the growing interest of investors in collateralised money market transactions.

Welcome to Eurex Group

Welcome to Eurex Group - delivering innovation and excellence across the financial industry's value spectrum. Watch our company video and see what Eurex Group can do for you.