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IT Open Day 2018 – “There is much more in the pipeline”

02 Oct 2018

IT Open Day 2018 – “There is much more in the pipeline”Deutsche Börse IT conference

“Thank you all for coming to the biggest Open Day we have ever had,” were the closing remarks of our CIO and COO Andreas Preuss at the end of our annual IT conference. Indeed, with 450 attendees, the event set a new visitor record this year.

Deutsche Börse IT conference
Starting the day, Andreas Preuss gave our guests a warm welcome and guidance through the agenda. This year’s program was dominated by discussions and presentations about new technologies and, in particular, artificial intelligence (AI). Thus, STOXX’s Anand Venkataraman talked about “The future of investing and investing in the future”, showcasing how they are using the mega trends big data and AI for the creation of new indices, and Thomas Curran, innovation and technology advisor, presented Deutsche Börse’s approach on developing so-called AI first software.

Wolfgang Eholzer, Head of Derivatives and Cash Trading IT, and Manfred Matusza, Member of Eurex Clearing Executive Board, took the stage to give an outlook on developments in Eurex Clearing technology and trading products. Their presentations revealed – not surprisingly – another major topic keeping the industry busy: Brexit.

A premiere at this year’s Open Day was the panel discussion “Smart vs. precise: how is the financial service industry using artificial intelligence?” held in the afternoon. Together with experts from different areas, such as risk management, science, trading and technology, Wolfgang Eholzer discussed the shift into a more data-driven workflow and the application of AI to their work. It became quite clear that “AI is no longer an option”, as Frédéric Arns from our partner Cognizant Consulting emphasised, “it is much more a necessity”.

Furthermore, in various workshops and expert sessions, our guests were given an overview of what is to come next year in the trading, clearing and risk management area, shedding light on topics such as our trading system T7® and Eurex’ new service offerings Eurex EnLight and Eurex Improve. The new Deutsche Börse Business Platform, our portal for developers, was presented to the public for the first time. In our Exchange Lab, the participants had the opportunity to talk directly to the experts who build our platforms and systems.

In the end, it was time of the “changing of the guard”: After thanking all guests, presenters, sponsors and the event organisation team, Andreas Preuss handed the microphone over to Christoph Böhm, who will take over the role of Deutsche Börse’s CIO and COO as of 1 November 2018. In his speech, Christoph Böhm emphasised that the trends discussed at the Open Day, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence “will change the way business models like ours – as a capital market infrastructure provider – are run with respect to efficiency, flexibility, service and compliance levels. Deutsche Börse is on the adaption path to new technologies and will offer more simple, highly secure services utilising smart technologies in future. This is an innovation play and will amplify our overall strategic ambition to grow the company, prove execution and maintain our technological leadership position. There is much more in the pipeline!”

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