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Euro Finance Week: More data is needed

19 Nov 2018

Euro Finance Week: More data is needed

How do new technologies transform the financial industry? And what role will (big) data play? These were just some of the questions at a “powertalk” at the Euro Finance Week in Frankfurt last week, where Deutsche Börse Executive Board member Stephan Leithner was interviewed about the impact of artificial intelligence, robotics, Blockchain & Co. on our business.

When asked whether the technological change will be disruptive – or even destructive – for providers of financial infrastructure like Deutsche Börse Group, Leithner argued that “technology and speed have always been drivers for Deutsche Börse, since we invented fully electronic trading some 30 years ago. But we always kept our crucial assets of reliability and safety.” He described Deutsche Börse’s business as a “platform business” since its very beginning.

“The new economy is a platform economy – but we have been such an economy for decades, platform is our business”, he said, and added: “We focus on networks and ecosystems with our partners; this is systemic attribute of the new economy, too.” Regarding the increased relevance of data, Leithner emphasised the importance of the quality of data: “What is really relevant? – That is the key question in the data business.”

Hauke Stars (right) at the Green Finance Forum

Deutsche Börse Executive Board member Hauke Stars participated in a panel at the Green Finance Forum, which also took place during the Euro Finance Week. On the question whether it was too late for green finance or just in time, all panel participants agreed that it is never too late, “if you are still alive”. However, it definitely is time to speed up.

Hauke Stars underlined the positive outlook that the EU plans to be ready with the taxonomy of the “Financing Sustainable Growth” initiative by the end of 2019. “Investors’ demand is large, but we need to provide standards and transparent products,” she stressed. In order to provide transparent investible indices, more data is needed.

Regis-TR participated in the RegTech Convention in a panel about “The future of transaction reporting”.

The Euro Finance Week is among Europe’s most important conventions for the financial industry.

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