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Listen up, everyone – Read Aloud Day at Alte Börse

21 Nov 2017

Listen up, everyone – Read Aloud Day at Alte Börse

For the first time, on Friday, 17 November 2017, Deutsche Börse Group took part in the nationwide Read Aloud Day organised by Stiftung Lesen. Over the course of the day, three readings for children aged between three and six years took place at Alte Börse. Three TV moderators read the children’s book “Marktplatz der Tiere”, which Deutsche Börse and Stiftung Lesen developed and published together.

Deutsche Börse succeeded in bringing prominent readers on board for the event. Things kicked off with n-tv’s stock exchange correspondent Katja Dofel, followed by N24 anchor Patrick Dewayne, both of whom read to children from a Frankfurt childcare centre. Then, Markus Gürne, who is Director of the ARD Stock Market Desk, read to the children of specialists and Deutsche Börse staff members.

The groups of 15 or so children gathered on the unusually lively Visitors’ Gallery, which offered snacks to whet any child’s appetite, before moving to the X-Lounge where they chilled out on the colourful seating cushions. The story of the animals in the forest familiarised the children with terms that are otherwise tough for kids to get their head around, such as “market place”, “solidarity” and “provisions for the future”. The many questions they then asked the readers only go to show how interesting they found it all. Parents and childcare workers alike were very enthusiastic and wanted to explore the topics in greater depth with the children.

For Deutsche Börse, Read Aloud Day was a great success. The experts at Alte Börse are thoroughly in favour of repeating the format and hosting a regular reading day for children. And little Serafina will be delighted, who asked when she would be able to come to Read Aloud Day again with her friend. The answer will be posted on the Intranet soon.

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