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Regulation under scrutiny

13 Feb 2017

Regulation under scrutinyGoethe University students of Alexandra Hachmeister and Torsten Schaper conduct case studies on the regulation of the European financial market infrastructure at Alte Börse.

As in previous winter semesters, Alexandra Hachmeister and Torsten Schaper, who give the lecture “Current topics in securities trading and settlement” at Goethe University in Frankfurt, assigned their students to work on case studies.

The starting point of the case study, entitled “Dynamics in the regulatory environment of the post-trade industry”, was this year the Brexit decision on 24 June 2016, rated as a genuine stress test for the financial industry. The students were asked to evaluate the supervisory structure and regulatory framework introduced in recent years against the backdrop of this real-life stress test.

Divided into six groups, the students took on the perspective either of exchanges, market participants or supervisory authorities and regulators such as the European Securities and Markets Authority or the European Central Bank. The 30 students compiled the most relevant facts from their respective market player’s viewpoint and derived politically convincing recommendations for action.

“Our industry and financial market regulation are highly complex. Each and every time, it is a real challenge for us to combine theory and practice. It is extremely important for us to convey an understanding for the role of the financial market infrastructure and regulation in the stability of the financial markets. Students who grasp this connection are attractive to us as a company, as they certainly are for other financial market participants,” Torsten Schaper explains.
“Every year, we very much look forward to this lecture. I was extremely impressed by how students were able to grasp our highly complex industry. The students’ unprejudiced perspective encourages us to take a fresh look at issues. Their achievements confirm the excellent quality of education in Frankfurt and make me believe in its sustainability as a financial centre. It is quite extraordinary how theory and practice come together here, and I would like to thank the students for their dedication,” Alexandra Hachmeister added.

Following the sophisticated round of presentations, students had time for a snack and a guided tour to the trading floor and the Visitors’ Gallery at Alte Börse. 

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