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Statement on the current regulatory developments in the US

10 Feb 2017

Statement on the current regulatory developments in the US

Deutsche Börse Group is closely following the current debate, initiated by the new US administration, on critical elements of financial market regulations.

The Group is confident that the fundamental reform of regulatory framework conditions for financial markets, especially with regard to systemic risk, financial stability and integrity, in answer to the global financial and economic crisis has proven successful.

Today’s challenging economic environment, with its low economic growth rates and the low interest rate policy in Europe, requires increased growth incentives and improved conditions for innovation. With this in mind, regulatory conditions must of course be continually re-evaluated to ascertain that they are conducive to meeting objectives. This should, however, be done vigilantly, ensuring that the lessons of the financial crisis are never forgotten – because sustainable growth and the future prosperity of our society require a sound basis of financial stability. The foundations of the globally balanced security architecture should therefore remain unshaken.

As a provider of market infrastructure and an operator of central counterparties, Deutsche Börse Group is an essential contributor to market stability and transparency. In times of global trading and financial flows, a globally consistent regulatory framework is essential. Because the real economy needs stable financial markets, all over the world.

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