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Students put regulation to the test again

08 Feb 2018

Students put regulation to the test againStudents at Frankfurt’s Goethe University gather at Alte Börse to present case studies on European market infrastructure regulation

Students conduct case studies for Deutsche Börse
As during the previous winter semesters, Alexandra Hachmeister and Torsten Schaper offered a lecture on “Current topics in securities trading and settlement” at Goethe University, putting their students to work on case studies.

The implications of Brexit for the financial sector formed this year’s starting point for the case study entitled “Dynamics in the regulatory environment of the post-trade industry”. The participants in the master’s programme were asked to evaluate the regulatory framework EMIR, third-country provisions and supervisory structures against the backdrop of the UK’s planned exit from the European Union.

In four groups, the students represented the positions of financial infrastructure providers and other market participants. Taking the perspective of the given party, they demonstrated how they would meet the challenges arising from changing market conditions, especially regarding clearing, and derived convincing policy recommendations on how to protect financial market stability and strengthen the EU’s competitiveness.

“Our industry and its regulatory framework are extremely complex. Every year, we look forward to combining theory and practice to discuss the role of financial infrastructure and regulations for financial market stability with our students. For us as a financial market infrastructure provider, it is becoming increasingly important to convey this correlation, especially in light of Brexit. It is very impressive to see that these students have acquired a deep knowledge and understanding of our complex financial sector,” said Torsten Schaper, Director, Head of Regulatory Analysis.

“Every year, our students show us fresh ways of approaching the issues at hand. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank them. Their accomplishments show the excellent quality of education here in Frankfurt and give us great hope for the sustainable success of our financial centre,” added Alexandra Hachmeister, Chief Regulatory Officer, Managing Director Group Regulatory Strategy.

Following the comprehensive presentations, the students were invited to a guided tour of the trading floor and joined their lecturers for an informal reception on the Visitors Gallery at Alte Börse.

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