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Ten years of the IT Open Day – ten years of consistent progress

10 Oct 2017

Ten years of the IT Open Day – ten years of consistent progress

The first IT Open Day was held in 2008 and has attracted more and more attendees every year since. A new attendance record was set again this year on Thursday, 5 October 2017, with more than 400 external and internal visitors coming to check out the latest technical trends and developments in the financial sector in general, and those at Deutsche Börse in particular.

In his opening address, Deutsche Börse AG's Deputy CEO Andreas Preuss welcomed all visitors to “a day made by and for you”. He thanked them for coming and briefly reviewed the past ten years during which 20 releases were issued and 14 platforms installed. Wolfgang Eholzer, Head of Derivatives and Cash Trading IT, and Manfred Matusza, member of the Eurex Clearing Executive Board, opened the day's actual programme with an outlook on trading and clearing highlights through the end of 2018. They mentioned new releases including those for T7, Eurex OTC Clear and Eurex Clearing Prisma.

The visitors dispersed after lunch to attend the variety of workshops and presentations. Deutsche Börse employees provided insight into current and future developments, fromT7 and the Regulatory Reporting Hub, through the forthcoming Xetra release 17.0, to the future of securities financing via the Eurex Clearing Lending CCP. Visitors also showed a great deal of interest in “travel guide” Thomas Curran's “journey into the cloud”, during which he informed of the Group’s next stopovers and the challenges awaiting them there. Curran's presentation showed how relevant cloud computing already is and will increasingly become for Deutsche Börse and its clients. This is why cooperation is particularly important in this area. “We have to simply cooperate in every way imaginable for the cloud,” Curran said.

Konrad Sippel, Head of Content Lab, and Carsten Harlass of Data Science also provided attendees with food for thought. They explained the activities of the Content Lab, which works with big data and data science. Based on an example from current activities, it quickly became clear that there is still a lot to expect from this lab in the future.

“Data is available – everywhere!”

This quote from the talk given by Frederik Arns from Cognizant reduced the discussion on new business opportunities based on the cloud, big data and data lakes to a common denominator. Cognizant is one of Deutsche Börse's many partners that contribute to the IT Open Day's success every year by offering informative presentations.

The coffee break conversations revealed not only a keen interest in the IT Open Day in general, but also in particular a large consensus on and enthusiasm about the new, more open path Deutsche Börse is forging, with more cooperation, information and integration of new partners and technologies.

Carsten Kengeter too put particular emphasis on this direction taken in his keynote speech:

At Deutsche Börse we have been transforming the organisation over the past two years to deliver greater resilience, agility, real time insights, and mobility to customers via dynamic product development, increasingly digital platforms and a focus on collaboration. Our eco-system of partners is expanding, modern development tools and languages are being used and early APIs and MVPs are going to market, so the momentum is real and very encouraging.

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