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Ultra-accurate time distribution for Deutsche Börse’s trading network

27 Oct 2017

Ultra-accurate time distribution for Deutsche Börse’s trading network

Time distribution is the act of synchronising a network of clocks over one or more buildings using a master clock. At Deutsche Börse, ultra-accurate time distribution is necessary to monitor trading network infrastructure and ensure that all co-located trading participants enjoy fair and equal access to the trading network.

Deutsche Börse now uses products from Seven Solutions, which implement White Rabbit technology, in order to synchronise its timestamping devices across its entire data centre with previously unprecedented precision. The technology enables us to make meaningful statements about the order in which events take place in the trading network and to accurately measure the time elapsed from the order and quote entry to market data being delivered in the data centre.

Using CERN-tested technology

White Rabbit technology has its roots in the high-energy physics environment. It was developed in collaboration with CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, which operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, including a giant particle accelerator in Switzerland.

Sub-nanoseconds accuracy

Andreas Lohr, Derivatives and Cash Trading IT of Deutsche Börse: “Time distribution across physically separate data centre modules – all of which are a considerable distance apart from one another – is a hard problem. The new technology allows us to discipline the clocks of our time-stamping devices with sub-nanoseconds accuracy. We now have visibility in our network never seen before.”

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