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What is fintech? STOXX Pulse has answers.

13 Mar 2017

What is fintech? STOXX Pulse has answers.

In a four-part series of articles, STOXX Pulse investigates the big technological changes which are transforming how modern capital markets work. More commonly referred to as “fintech”, this disruptive force – and its rapid development – is driving value accretion to financial infrastructure. It is not only making capital markets more efficient but it also provides opportunities for investors.

The first article in the series focuses on how fintech is re-shaping the financial market and the way investors interact with financial services providers. Part two examines how fintech is reforming the core market infrastructure and, in doing so, unlocking value for investors.

The third article features artificial intelligence (AI) and its growing role in capital markets over the past 15 years. AI most commonly refers to the development of computer systems that are capable of undertaking decision-making tasks that normally require human intelligence. Lately, computers have been catching up. Algorithmic trading, for instance, grew sixfold from 2003 to 2012, reaching 85 per cent of market volume.

The fourth and final part of the series examines how fast and smart data fuels index products. Quantitative and mathematics-based investment strategies are on the rise. A report by Deutsche Börse forecasts that passive investing is on its way to representing a third of global assets under management.

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