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What’s it about? Kristina Jeromin on the new Hub for Sustainable Finance

18 Sep 2017

What’s it about? Kristina Jeromin on the new Hub for Sustainable Finance

Deutsche Börse AG and the German Council for Sustainable Development (Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung, RNE) have announced their strategic cooperation on a sustainable finance sector. The new Hub for Sustainable Finance will pool resources to coordinate joint activities. What is it all about? To learn more about the collaboration, we talked to Kristina Jeromin, Head of Group Sustainability, Deutsche Börse AG.

Kristina Jeromin, Head of Group Sustainability, Deutsche Börse AG

Who exactly initiated the Hub for Sustainable Finance?

The Hub for Sustainable Finance is an initiative of the RNE and Deutsche Börse Group. Its task, among others, is to advise the German Federal Government in Berlin on sustainability issues. We are currently seeing lots of sustainability activities across the markets. In May, Deutsche Börse launched its very own Accelerating Sustainable Finance initiative for the financial venue Frankfurt. In Wiesbaden, the Hessian state capital, the Ministry of Economics also launched a Green Finance initiative, and the PRI Principles for Responsible Investment focus on the same topic. Last year, the European Commission established a High-Level Expert Group charged with the creation of a vision of sustainability and sustainable finance for the entire EU.

It is now the task of the Hub to consolidate these current initiatives in a sensible way, to identify overlaps and to detect and leverage synergies. The challenges of transforming into a sustainable global financial system are many and urgent.  It is therefore vital that we work as efficiently as possible.

In what way does Deutsche Börse Group contribute to the new hub?  

As a provider of capital market infrastructure, we have a distinctive role. We serve as a dialogue platform, intermediary and advisor, for companies and investors likewise. This expertise, alongside that of the Accelerating Sustainable Finance Initiative, benefits our work at the hub: our contribution is to consolidate market opinions and to summarise and promote important issues.

Who else is on board? 

The Hessian Ministry of Economics will be involved, as will the RNE, represented by Professor Bassen and Michael Schmidt from Deka, who is also a member of the steering committee of the High-Level Expert Group in Brussels, alongside Dustin Neuneyer from Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), a United Nations Initiative; and I am the Deutsche Börse Group representative.

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