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When every nanosecond counts

16 Jan 2018

When every nanosecond counts Monitoring trades with Metamako technology

Deutsche Börse’s co-location network is stacked with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring fair and equal market access through ultra-precise time measurement. This is achieved in part using timestamping equipment by technology company Metamako. Deutsche Börse has purchased 60 high-precision MetaApp32 (K-Series) devices, allowing unprecedented insights into the co-location network.

The purchase is part of a major network upgrade and redesign in response to increasing customer demands for market fairness, transparency and precision. It significantly enhances Deutsche Börse’s network monitoring capabilities to obtain full visibility by capturing every data packet entering and exiting the co-location network.

New technology to meet new challenges

Trading environments are becoming more challenging to monitor as data volumes increase and latencies are reduced to nanoseconds. Additionally, networks must be able to handle extreme volatility with traffic levels rising dramatically during market-moving events. This makes packet capture, network monitoring and accurate timestamping of transactions ever more important.

Andreas Lohr, Derivatives and Cash Trading IT at Deutsche Börse Group, said: “We now have insights into our network to a degree never seen before. We have complete and precisely timestamped packet capture data at various points in our network. This makes a number of invaluable data analyses possible which were previously unobtainable.”

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