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Group Regulatory Strategy

Group Regulatory Strategy

As one of the largest exchange organisations in the world, we organise markets characterised by integrity, transparency and safety for investors that invest capital, and for companies to raise capital. It is of significant importance for Deutsche Börse Group that the organisation of these markets is done orderly and customer-focused. As an operator of a highly regulated financial market infrastructure, close communication and exchange of information with political and regulatory authorities is vital to Deutsche Börse Group. Above all, our joint interest lies in efficient, transparent and secure financial markets.

New regulatory website online

Have a look at our newly released DBG Regulation website with detailed information on regulatory dossiers/topics and DBG’s regulatory service offering.

As a company, we therefore focus not only on current market developments but closely follow the political discussions on national and European financial market regulation as well as global regulatory trends. Based on our specific knowledge as a market venue operator, we contribute our expertise to the discussion on the development of the regulatory framework and thereby continuously add to the strengthening of the financial market infrastructure.

We are, for example, involved in consultations on political as well as regulatory initiatives and present reports and position papers on the implications of certain regulatory proposals for Deutsche Börse Group, our clients, the financial market and society as a whole.

In addition, our white papers and studies contribute to a better understanding of a broad range of financial market regulatory aspects.

In specialist events and through our participation in expert committees and associations we also pursue an exchange of information and experience with political and regulatory representatives and advocate effective regulation that meets the objective of establishing efficient, transparent and stable financial markets.

With our offices in Berlin and Brussels, our representatives are present where political decisions are made and can engage in a dialogue with politicians, members of organisations and other relevant stakeholders.

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