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Are the online job offers up to date?

Our online job offers are updated daily. As soon as a vacancy is filled, the job advertisement is taken offline and no longer appears on our job portal.

How do I apply?

You can apply directly through our website. We kindly ask you to refrain from sending us applications by mail as our online application procedure allows us to provide feedback more quickly. Not using paper, folders and postal services also means lower costs and a less adverse impact on the environment. Take a look at our current job offers.

Is it possible to apply for more than one position advertised?

You are welcome to apply for any positions of interest that fit your profile. Please bear in mind that the option of applying to a number of positions at the same time should be used purposefully and to a limited extent.

To whom do I address my application?

As a number of people are involved in our application process, you are welcome to use a general salutation in your cover letter.

What language should I choose for my application?

You can send us your application in English or German. If the job advertisement is in English only, we kindly ask you to send us your application in English.

Which documents should I include in my application?


  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Certificates/report cards (of the two preceding school years)


  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Certificate of qualification for university matriculation
  • Valid enrolment certificate 
  • Internship certificates and job references


  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Leaving certificates/diplomas (e.g. apprenticeship and/or university studies)
  • References (e.g. certificates and/or job references)

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter provides you with an opportunity to convince us: tell us about yourself and why you want to join our company, show us just why you are the perfect fit for the job. A cover letter should not be longer than one or two pages.

Are unsolicited applications welcome?

You can of course send us an unsolicited application. However, the chances of success are low if there is no vacant position to match your application.



Is there a minimum duration for an internship?

If you would like to join us for a voluntary internship, you should plan for a duration of three to six months. If you are applying for an internship required as part of your studies, the duration depends on the requirements stipulated in the examination regulations of your course of studies.

I have already graduated. Can I still apply for an internship with Deutsche Börse Group?

No, an internship at Deutsche Börse Group is available only to students who are enrolled at a university or a university of applied sciences. The gap year between a bachelor’s and master’s programme are no exception to this rule.

What is the remuneration for an internship?

Depending on whether you are joining us for a voluntary or mandatory internship, the gross remuneration for a mandatory internship at our Frankfurt location is €1150 per month. Voluntary interns receive the German minimum wage of €1500 per month. In Luxembourg, it is €1350 and in Prague €600.

What is the remuneration for students?

For student assistants at our Frankfurt location, the starting hourly wage is €11, increasing with seniority. In addition, students receive a meal allowance for our staff restaurant and bistro.

Can pupils also apply for an internship at Deutsche Börse Group?

Generally speaking, pupils can join Deutsche Börse Group for an internship if required by the school. We kindly ask pupils to apply through the online tool and provide information on the length of the intended internship as well as the starting date. Please note that the number of internships for pupils is limited.

How many months in advance should I submit my application?

Ideally, you should submit your application two to three months before the date you wish to join the company.