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Graduates – what we offer

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the leading stock exchange organisations in the world. Our strengths: We pave the way for companies and investors to the global capital markets.

We wish to further strengthen our position as the leading market organiser. Together with people who distinguish themselves through their competence, creativity and commitment.


Motivation is at the heart of our daily work. Work doesn’t necessarily have to hurt. It can and should be fun. In addition to an above-average salary and attractive fringe benefits, Deutsche Börse motivates its employees above all through enthusiasm.

Offerings of Deutsche Börse

Highly qualified employees who work towards the company's growth have good reasons to demand attractive framework conditions. They have them with us:

Three career models offer employees alternative career opportunities.
A qualification data base helps ensure that employees are assigned to suitable projects.
Internet-based training programmes and skill management increase the efficiency of in-house continuous training.
Each employee receives a performance-based bonus in addition to his or her basic salary.

In recent years we have further developed our career models. There are three career paths:

The classical executive career path which is based on the general expertise and the leadership qualities of the employee.
The project career path in which project management skills are to the fore.
The expert career path which requires in-depth specialised knowledge and can lead up to the position of a senior expert.

What applicants and employees like about Deutsche Börse are its continuous training and development opportunities, job security and its success on the market. The corporate culture and the employer image of Deutsche Börse Group are a solid foundation for recruitment, development and the ongoing commitment of employees to the company.