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Insight: what our professionals say

Deutsche Börse Group’s best asset are its employees – they are the lifeblood of the company. Some of our professionals briefly introduce themselves and give an insight into the broad range of experience and know-how to be collected at Deutsche Börse.

Tibor Szabo

Tibor Szabo
Name: Tibor Szabo
Group company: Deutsche Börse Services s.r.o.
Department: Clearstream Settlement & Custody
Location: Prague
Function: Head of Unit
Interests: Golf, video games
Working for the Group since 2007

Five questions for Tibor Szabo

Why did you decide to join Deutsche Börse Group?

Deutsche Börse was in the process of opening a new office in Prague in 2006. Some clever people told me start-ups were always special. They were right. It was a unique opportunity to follow all the small steps from a very small group of professionals to the state where we are now. Looking back, I must say this was a perfect moment to join.

Please describe your professional career at Deutsche Börse Group.

I started as a developer in the Clearstream Settlement team. After couple of years I also took on responsibility for people management and was appointed Head of Unit in the Settlement & Connectivity team here in Prague.

How would you describe your current job?

Our job on the IT development side is to ensure the Clearstream IT systems are always up and running and provide our customers the service they expect. What this means exactly is we split our time between support of the existing system - addressing various production queries and resolving any non-standard situations - and designing a new system to react to requests from our business colleagues.

How does Deutsche Börse Group ensure a suitable work-life-balance?

The home office initiative is a nice example with great potential. It is not a very common benefit here in the Czech Republic. This gives us an additional level of flexibility and can save travelling time we can then spend with our families or on hobbies.

Why did you consider Deutsche Börse Group an employer of choice?

I like the international character of the Group. We have some 15 nationalities in our office now. This global aspect helps us to bring different perspectives to our day-to-day problems. We can really learn a lot from each other.

Roxana Stefanuca

Roxana Stefanuca
Name: Roxana Stefanuca
Group company: Clearstream Banking AG
Department: Transaction/Customer Service
Location: Eschborn
Function: Customer Service Officer
Interests: Sports, finances
Joined the Company: April 2012

Five questions for Roxana Stefanuca

Why did you choose Deutsche Börse Group as your employer?

As an employer, Deutsche Börse Group is not only generally well-known, for me it is also the first port of call when it comes to clearing.

Please describe your career so far in brief.

I graduated from the Goethe University in Frankfurt with a degree in law in September 2006. I worked as a certified legal expert at one of the largest asset management companies in the world from 2007 to 2012. This is where I gained my first experience in the area of settlement. Motivated by my enthusiasm for clearing, I started at Clearstream Banking in April 2012.

Describe your current role.

As a customer service officer for the international securities settlement service, I work with various major customers. One of my responsibilities is to answer customer enquiries both by phone and in writing. In Customer Service we cover settlement, income and corporate action and are available to our customers to answer any questions. We also work very closely with our internal departments that do not themselves have customer contact. Last but not least, we make sure that our good relationships with our customers are maintained. To this end, we often visit customers on-site and share information about how we work.

Which skills and experience are necessary for your current position?

It is important to always be flexible and to be able to work under pressure. It is also particularly important to keep goals in mind in day-to-day contact with customers and never lose sight of the customer's needs. In addition, our everyday business can only be successfully handled in a team which is why it is so important to be a team player.

What makes Deutsche Börse Group an appealing employer?

Deutsche Börse Group always tries to offer its employees the best working conditions and encourages further training. A lot of value is attached to social structures and support is provided for having a family in addition to a career.

Gürhan Kizilirmak

Gürhan Kizilirmaka
Name: Gürhan Kizilirmak
Group company: Clearstream Banking AG
Department: Settlement
Location: Eschborn
Function: Settlement Officer
Interests: Films, football, going out
Joined the company: June 2012


Five questions for Gürhan Kizilimark

Why did you choose Deutsche Börse Group as your employer?

What mainly appealed to me was the Group’s excellent reputation. I was very interested in the company and made an effort to find out more about them. My research helped confirm my decision.

How were your first days at work?

Everyone was very nice and friendly and I soon felt comfortable. I had to process a lot of new information in the first few days which is why it is important to pay attention and concentrate. I took lots of notes and used different methods to help me remember things which made this first period much easier. All in all, I got off to a very successful start.

Describe your current role.

I work as a settlement officer in the 'Overseas and Bridge' area at Clearstream Banking AG. This area handles transactions between Clearstream customers on the one hand, and, on the other, counterparties from the UK and Ireland as well as customers of the Euroclear Bank. I make sure that OTC transactions are handled in line with the market. One important part of my work is providing support to customers in questions about different market practices.

How would you describe the working environment?

I think that the work atmosphere here is very pleasant. A lot is expected of employees but everyone is always very collegial and friendly.

How do you think applicants should prepare for their interview?

Of course, it is important to be well-groomed. Men should wear a suit. You should also come across as natural as possible. There's no point in pretending because it will be soon be noticed anyway.

Elisabeth Schönauer

Elisabeth Schönauer
Name: Elisabeth Schönauer
Group company: Clearstream International
Department: Central Billing
Location: Luxembourg
Function: Billing employee
Working for Deutsche Börse Group since: March 2012
Interests: Football/sports in general, travel, reading


Seven questions for Elisabeth Schönauer

What makes Deutsche Börse Group an attractive employer?

Both the daily work with friendly, helpful colleagues, and the workplace itself – the canteen and gym, for example, give a real sense of being well looked after. The further training opportunities offered by the Group also make it very attractive as an employer.

Please describe your career path at Deutsche Börse Group.

I started a six-month internship at Clearstream in January 2011. I really enjoyed my time there and the work they assigned to me. Because I was still a student, I then carried on working for Clearstream part-time. When I graduated, I wanted to stay at Clearstream for various reasons, such as: I already knew the team and liked working with my colleagues and the experience and insights I had gained during my year in the accounting team had given me an appetite for more. I also enjoy working in an international environment and like the good atmosphere at Clearstream.

What does your job entail?

Every working day is different. Of course there are tasks that are repeated every month, such as monthly invoicing and the pre- and post-processing that involves. Monthly invoicing usually takes place in the first three working days of the month. The billing process includes individual checks and monitoring measures and I am responsible for all stages of the Vestima and hedge fund invoicing. Vestima is a Clearstream product for our business area, Investment Funds Services.
During the rest of the month, I try to get involved in project work. This isn't always easy, as there are often a lot of queries from the departments about invoices, price calculations, etc., which sometimes require time-consuming research in order to answer. I am also responsible for making changes in the system, for example, if the price for a certain product changes or a new product is added, I enter it into our system.
There are also always workflow descriptions that need updating or complete restructuring.
All in all, my work is very varied and constantly presents new challenges.

What skills have you gained or developed?

The international environment has helped to improve my language skills, in particular. But also working in a team, coordinating and filling in for each other where possible is always a new challenge. Not forgetting project work, which requires constant willingness to learn something new.

How would you describe the working environment at Deutsche Börse Group?

I'm afraid I can only speak for the working atmosphere in Luxembourg. It has a very international flavour, which I like a lot. It is also interesting to see how colleagues with different cultural backgrounds and nationalities have different approaches to solutions. This not only makes the working day varied, but also increases our awareness and makes for respectful and tolerant relationships between colleagues.

What tips would you give to someone for having a successful start at Deutsche Börse Group?

Based on my own experience, I can only advise that you always ask questions when something is unclear and not be afraid to do so. In general, you should also have a good idea of what area you would like to work in, so that you can show your employer 100% commitment and motivation.

How does the Group ensure work/life balance?

We can combine our working and personal lives better through flexible working hours, and there are other options for relieving working pressure in different life situations.

Füsun Temur

Füsün Temur
Name: Füsun Temur
Group company: Eurex Clearing AG
Department: Clearing Supervision
Location: Frankfurt am Main/Eschborn
Function: Clearing Data Control employee
Working for Deutsche Börse Group since: July 2011
Interests: Drawing, reading


Seven questions for Füsun Temur

What makes Deutsche Börse Group an attractive employer?

In my eyes, Deutsche Börse Group successfully combines a lot of different aspects to create an attractive working climate. We have skilled managers who strive to maintain a friendly and respectful atmosphere in the team, which in turn makes for a positive working environment. And employees with families benefit from particularly family-friendly conditions. New staff are always allocated a mentor to help them get started, expand their own network and exchange knowledge. There are also various training opportunities available, where you can learn something new, and not only from your own area of work.

Please describe your career path at Deutsche Börse Group.

I started at the Group in July 2011. I have been in the Clearing Supervision department since the beginning, and provide client support for functional matters associated with our trading and clearing systems. Various tasks and projects have been added to my usual daily work over the years, which enable me to work closely together with colleagues from other departments and learn new subject areas. I am also responsible for the students in our team. I mentor them from their interview right through to the completion of their internship or student job.

What does your job entail?

I am part of the “Clearing Data Control” team. We are responsible for central master data maintenance for Deutsche Börse Group's electronic trading and clearing systems. Our function in the company brings us into close contact with clients and colleagues from other departments. We are “First Level Support” for queries and problems and try to enable our clients a smooth trading experience at all times.

What skills have you gained or developed?

Most of all, the close contact with clients and colleagues has taught me how to approach people, listen to them and analyse problems carefully. I find it easier to recognise certain traits, develop closer relationships and, in that way, to avoid conflicts before they arise.

How would you describe the working environment at Deutsche Börse Group?

I would say that the atmosphere at Deutsche Börse Group is harmonious and respectful. The mood is always positive and relaxed, which facilitates professional collaboration and makes the working day very pleasant for everyone.

What tips would you give to someone for having a successful start at Deutsche Börse Group?

Be as natural as possible, but don't forget why you're here. The first impression someone makes is often also the lasting impression, so you should try to be friendly and positive. Most of all, let your colleagues explain your tasks and discuss anything that's unclear straight away.

How does the Group ensure work/life balance?

Deutsche Börse Group offers its staff various working time models to enable balance between work and free time. Staff benefit most of all from the options of flexi-time and working from home. This flexibility is a great relief for parents in particular.
There are also various training courses and workshops on offer which employees can use to balance their working day with exercise.