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One of the most important tasks of the human resources management at Deutsche Börse is to synchronise the growth of the company with the personal development of its employees. The Group sets high standards regarding the professional qualifications and personal suitability of our new colleagues. Once you have joined us, we consistently promote your qualification through targeted project involvement and further first-rate training programmes.

In recent years, Deutsche Börse has further developed its career model. There are three career paths:

  • The classical executive career path is based on the general expertise and the leadership qualities of the employee.
  • The project career path requires project management skills.
  • The expert career path requires in-depth specialised knowledge and can lead up to the position of a senior expert.

All employees have the possibility to develop not only within their specialist discipline but also to switch between individual career paths and continue their career in other areas. The new functions offer equally satisfactory duties. Whoever switches to a different career path does not have to start from scratch but can build on the previously gathered experience.

The fact that we recruit 80 percent of our executives from our own ranks speaks for itself.