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Have you already successfully completed two semesters or your first year of the bachelor’s degree course?

Deutsche Börse offers you the chance to combine your theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, thus gathering specific work experience.

Students from a variety of backgrounds can find numerous opportunities for their professional development.



Jobs for students and interns - Apply now!

Leroy Youssafi

Deutsche Börse Group is not only attractive to students of economics. In fact, we are also looking for students of law, computer science, mathematics, physics and the arts.

Experiences acquired at Deutsche Börse

Patrizia Böttcher

A number of student employees and interns introduce themselves in a brief description of their curriculum vitae, thus representing many other students

Internship at Clearstream: a testimonial

Pragat Raj Kaur

Pragat tells us all about her journey so far. Find out what it’s like to work at Clearstream in Luxembourg.

Selection procedure

Information on the selection procedure and on how to cope with job interviews for temporary student jobs at Deutsche Börse Group.

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