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You would like to apply for an internship or work as a student assistant? You are curious, communicative and open-minded? If so, we would like to get to know you!

We provide you with an opportunity to put your academic skills and know-how into practice. We offer a variety of possibilities to gain insight into the company’s interesting and exciting work. 

General requirements

We are looking for highly motivated students who have completed at least one semester of study. To ensure successful and effective integration into current projects, we offer internships with a duration of three months. Of course, we also welcome applications for longer-term mandatory internships or work semesters.


Interns have a 39-hour working week at our location in Frankfurt/Eschborn and a 40-hour working week at our location in Luxembourg.

Student assistants work up to 19 hours per week in Frankfurt/Eschborn and up to 20 hours per week in Prague.

Read more about student assistants’ and interns’ experiences at Deutsche Börse Group. 

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Leroy Youssafi

Deutsche Börse Group is not only attractive to students of economics. In fact, we are also looking for students of law, computer science, mathematics, physics and the arts.

Experiences at Deutsche Börse Group

Patrizia Böttcher

A number of student employees and interns introduce themselves in a brief description of their curriculum vitae, thus representing many other students

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