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What we offer

What we offer

Working at Deutsche Börse Group enables you to put into practice the theory you have learned at university. You will get ample opportunity to do so during an internship or a part-time student job. We offer a wide range of positions. Your competencies, skills and course of study will be taken into account. Interns also have the opportunity to write their thesis while being mentored by Deutsche Börse.

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Students/interns – internships

Exchange theory for practice! There are many opportunities for you to work for Deutsche Börse Group. When selecting applicants, we look at the skills, knowledge and main subjects of study. As a trainee you can work independently on current projects. You will get to know people from different countries and with different educational backgrounds. Perhaps this will lead you to your first job with us.


We are looking for students who have successfully completed two semesters of their degree in the disciplines economics, law and humanities, computer science, physics, or mathematics. Please note that students must be enrolled in an academic programme at a state recognised university during their internship.

In order to ensure the successful integration of our trainees into current project and line functions, we offer internships of a minimum duration of two months. Longer-term internship enquiries (for instance within the framework of a practical semester) are particularly welcome. Our company is located in Frankfurt/Main or Luxembourg; special approval must be obtained for internships abroad.


The working time consists of 39 hours per week at our company location in Frankfurt/Main, 40 hours per week at our company location in Luxembourg; the monthly remuneration for internships is €820 per month (company location Frankfurt/Main), €920 per month (company location Luxembourg). An internship with Deutsche Börse is the prerequisite to write your thesis in our company which can be an ideal fundament for later permanent employment.

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