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Deutsche Börse Group is a high-tech company with a business model based on highly efficient electronic systems. However, it is the people in our company who implement the business model so effectively: our employees master challenging tasks and create a corporate culture characterized by responsibility, commitment, flexibility and the determination to achieve something extraordinary – and they know how to seize the opportunities the company offers them. Their main objective is not to preserve the status quo, but rather to challenge it to actively shape the future.

Employee Structure

Deutsche Börse has a dynamic, extremely well-trained and international team. The open office architecture in all locations is designed so that managers are seated in close proximity to their staff, thereby enhancing communication and cooperation. Deutsche Börse Group has an open, dialogue-oriented management culture. Its employees currently work at 39 locations in 29 countries. As at 31 December 2017, the company employed 5,640 persons (2,567 in Germany, i.e., 46 percent of employees of Deutsche Börse Group work in the Federal Republic of Germany, and 3,073 employees in other European countries or overseas).

Dynamic, well-trained and international

Depending on their specific tasks, the employees of Deutsche Börse Group have specialist expertise, for instance as economists, lawyers, humanities scholars, mathematicians, computer scientists or physicists. They possess extensive analytical abilities, work in a result-oriented manner and also have the social skills that enable them to assume responsibility early on. Deutsche Börse Group offers them attractive remuneration and above-average fringe benefits. It promotes its employees by means of special training schemes and direct 'on-the-job' and 'off-the-job' induction.


Gruppe Deutsche Börse total5,640
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