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Frankfurt and Eschborn

Deutsche Börse Group has three office buildings in the Frankfurt area: in the city of Eschborn, located just outside Frankfurt’s city limits, in “Industriehof” in the Hausen district of Frankfurt and at Börsenplatz in Frankfurt’s city centre. The headquarters of Deutsche Börse Group are located in Eschborn, accommodating the majority of employees. The vaults and data centre are based in Hausen with a staff of approximately 80, and about ten employees work at Börsenplatz.


Deutsche Börse Group
The Cube

The new Deutsche Börse Group headquarters are located approximately seven kilometers from the centre of Frankfurt at Mergenthalerallee 61 in Eschborn.

The 21-story building is about 90 metres high and consists of two L-shaped towers which are linked by eleven walkways and eight bridges and is entirely encased in a glass façade.

In the Group headquarters employees mainly work in open-plan team rooms. A variety of conference rooms on different floors are suitable for smaller and larger meetings. The offices are modern, highly flexible units and almost floor-to-ceiling windows allow light to penetrate deep inside. The large foyer forms the heart of the building and is a place of communication and the stage for a variety of events.

The building has been constructed to the highest ecological standards to meet stringent specifications both for staff comfort and building design. For example an integrated combined heat and power unit provides up to 30 percent of electricity requirements.

Photographs from the Art Collection Deutsche Börse offer inspiration and add an individual note to the building’s interior. Large-format works of German and international artists were compiled for the collection. An extensive art terrace offers the perfect setting for special exhibitions.

In addition to multi-story car park and underground parking facilities, the new building has a spacious staff restaurant with an area of 2,000 m².

“The Cube” is situated within sight of the autobahn A66 and is easily accessible either by car or by public transport. It is only a ten-minute walk from the suburban train station (S-Bahn) Eschborn-Süd. Also, in the morning and evening there is a free bus which operates between the S-Bahn station and Mergenthalerallee.

The city of Frankfurt

Given its convenient location almost in the centre of Germany, Frankfurt/Main has enjoyed nationwide importance for centuries. Where once the Franconians created a ford over the river Main, important trading paths have crossed here ever since and contributed to the steady increase in the economic strength of the city, situated in the south of the German federal state of Hesse. The role played by bridges in the past has since been taken over by the runways of the central Rhine-Main airport – with more than 50 million passengers per year it is the second largest in Europe – and by the eight lanes of the adjacent autobahn junction. The Frankfurt Trade Fair also operates globally; incidentally, it is the oldest in the world. During the book fair, music fair or automotive show: the city on the Main attracts up to 2.7 million trade fair visitors in peak years.

Today, almost 300 banks, around half of which are foreign and including Deutsche Bundesbank, and since 1998 the European Central Bank (ECB) control the flow of money from here. With 650,000 jobs, Frankfurt has almost as many employees as residents (over 690,000).

International and multilingual dimensions are part of daily life. After all, one in three Frankfurt inhabitants does not originate from Germany. Deutsche Börse Group works globally but the majority of its employees live where they work: in greater Frankfurt/Main.

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