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Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board Deutsche Börse AG

Pursuant to sections 96 (1) and 101 (1) AktG, and to sections 4 (1) and 1 (1) no. 1 of the One-Third Participation Act (Drittelbeteiligungsgesetz), as well as to section 9 (1) sentence 1 of the Articles of Association of Deutsche Börse AG, the Supervisory Board consists of 12 members: 8 shareholder representatives and 4 employee representatives.

The most important functions and duties of the Supervisory Board are to oversee the work of the Executive Board and appoint its members as well as to approve important corporate decisions and company planning.

Members of the Supervisory Board are elected for a term of three years.

Members of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse AG

Joachim Faber 
Independent management consultant, Grünwald
Richard Berliand   
Deputy Chairman
Independent management consultant, Lingfield, Surrey
Ann-Kristin Achleitner  
Scientific Co-Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial and Financial Studies (CEFS) at the Technische Universität München (TUM), Munich 
Karl-Heinz Flöther   
Independent management consultant, Kronberg 
Marion Fornoff 
Employee in the People Relations & Employee Engagement Germany, Switzerland, Czech Section, Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt/Main   
Hans-Peter Gabe*   
Employee in the Performance & Compensation, People Analytics & Learning Section, Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt/Main    
Craig Heimark   
Managing Partner, Hawthorne Group LLC, Palo Alto 
Monica Mächler   
Member of various supervisory bodies, Pfäffikon   
Erhard Schipporeit   
Independent management consultant, Hanover 
Jutta Stuhlfauth* 
Employee in the Group Organisational Services Department, Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt/Main 
Johannes Witt* 
Former employee in the Financial Accounting & Controlling Area, Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt/Main 
Amy Yip 
Partner, RAYS Capital Partners Limited, Hong Kong 

(Employee representatives are indicated with a *)

Other appointments

The membership of the Supervisory Board members in further statutory supervisory boards or comparable German or foreign control bodies of business enterprises can be found in the attached list. These board memberships are also listed in the curricula vitae of the Supervisory Board members which are provided above.

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