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Share buyback

Share buyback programme

As announced in the ad hoc announcement of 5 December 2017, Deutsche Börse AG commenced the share buy-back programme with a planned purchase volume of approximately €200 million on 13 August 2018. The share buy-back programme will be completed by 28 December 2018 at the latest. It is based upon the authorisation to acquire treasury shares granted by the General Meeting of Deutsche Börse AG on 17 May 2017.

With the share buy-back programme, the Executive Board pursues a balanced use of available cash resources.

The share buy back programme is being conducted by a credit institution mandated by Deutsche Börse AG in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation through direct purchases of no-par-value registered shares (auf den Namen lautende Stückaktien) of Deutsche Börse AG (ISIN DE0005810055), exclusively on the electronic platform of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra).

Share buyback activities starting 13 August 2018


Numbers of shares acquired

Volume weighted average share price in €

Purchased volume in €

Transaction details
17 – 21 Sep 2018148,975116.3517,332,843.87Details [xls]
10 – 14 Sep 2018108,588117.5212,761,500.35Details [xls]
3 – 7 Sep 2018133,820117.9215,779,383.00Details [xls]
27 – 31 Aug 2018108,550119.2212,942,457.77Details [xls]
20 – 24 Aug 201889,670115.1110,333,211.02Details [xls]
13 – 17 Aug 2018133,868112.5715,069,428.52Details [xls]



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