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Deutsche Börse Spotlight

Deutsche Börse Spotlight

... prepares for you current topics in a multimedia-based format. Here you can find informational pieces, interviews, lists of useful links, infographics etc. as well as pod and videocasts on exchange and financial market activities.

The first day on the stock exchange

Most people recognise the image of the CEO of a company ceremonially ringing the stock exchange bell on the trading floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. With the first pricing official trading starts for the company on the stock exchange. But how is this first listing price determined? And what role does the stock exchange play in the process?

DAX – benchmark and barometer for the German economy


DAX, the best known German stock exchange barometer, measures the performance of the 30 largest and most liquid companies on the German stock market. It represents around 80 percent of the market capitalisation of listed stock corporations in Germany.

ETFs: easy, transparent, flexible


Exchange traded funds, or ETFs for short, are among the most successful stock exchange products of recent decades. And that despite still being relatively new. The first ETFs in Europe were admitted to Deutsche Börse's Xetra trading in April 2000. Since then the market has grown tremendously.

Central Clearing – stability for financial markets

Clearing houses such as Eurex Clearing reduce risk in securities trading. They guarantee that trades will be completed, regardless of whether the buyer cannot pay or the seller cannot deliver the securities. Clearly defined risk management is the key to this.

Deutsche Börse FinTech Hub – the start-up location in Frankfurt


As a means of further anchoring Frankfurt as a fintech base, Deutsche Börse launched the FinTech Hub in Frankfurt in April 2016. This move supports the Hessian State Government's fintech initiative, but also directly promotes young fintechs.

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