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Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation awards photo prize as part of HfG Offenbach Annual show

Release date: 11 Jul 2016 | Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation awards photo prize as part of HfG Offenbach Annual show

This year's winners are Robert Schittko and Hosam Katan

The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, together with the Offenbach University of Art and Design (HfG), presented the HfG Fotoförderpreis of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation (HfG Photo Advancement Award 2016) to Robert Schittko on 8 July. The award, together with prize money of €2,500, has been presented since 2010 to students at the University of Art and Design with a focus on the medium of photography. The presentation was made as part of the Offenbach HfG Annual show.

Robert Schittko received the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation's HfG Photo Advancement Award 2016 for his project entitled "I have no idea how I could get that lost - Aokigahara". Aokigahara is the name of an approximately 35km2 forest in Japan, better known as the "Suicide Forest". The forest is an exceptionally frequent location for people to commit or consider suicide. Robert Schittko's works are more than just a creation of photos that express the psychological as well as physical state of being lost in this forest. In using the unusual technique of dye sublimation and his chosen surfaces of wooden and particle board panels, the artist renders an extraordinary visualisation of the subject with hints of painterliness, whose materiality raises questions of transience and decay.

The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation also presented a special prize this year. It was particularly important to the jury to recognise the work of Hosam Katan, which was created under completely different circumstances. Katan was awarded the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Special Prize for Photography of €2,000. This year's jury comprised photographer Barbara Klemm, HfG President Professor Bernd Kracke, and Director of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Anne-Marie Beckmann.

Hosam Katan received the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Special Prize for his "Syrian War" project. Katan's photos were taken during the Syrian War between October 2013 and November 2015, mostly in Aleppo. They depict destroyed buildings, battle situations and everyday scenes of local people marked by the nightmare of living in a conflict zone. With his excellent eye and instinct for capturing the right moment, Hosam Katan creates impressive images from his own unique perspective. Katan arrived in Offenbach as a refugee and is a guest student at the HfG.

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation
The “Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation”, a Frankfurt-based non-profit foundation, promotes contemporary photography. The foundation activities focus on collection, exhibition and promotion. For instance, one of the key aims of the foundation is to expand the Art Collection Deutsche Börse. Deutsche Börse began to build up its collection of contemporary photography in 1999. Art Collection Deutsche Börse now comprises more than 1,600 works by over 100 international artists. The collection and a changing exhibition programme are open to the public. The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize is a key project of the foundation. It is awarded in cooperation with the Photographers' Gallery London, and was presented under the new name Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize for the first time this year. Other focal points include promoting new talent, supporting exhibition projects of international museums and institutions, and the expansion of platforms for academic discussion about the medium.

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