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Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation presents programme to mark 20th anniversary of the Art Collection Deutsche Börse

Release date: 14 Nov 2018 | Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation presents programme to mark 20th anniversary of the Art Collection Deutsche Börse

Theme of 2019 anniversary celebration is “From another perspective” / “We love photography!” exhibition curated by Martin Parr opens on 31 January 2019 at The Cube in Eschborn

Evelyn Hofer, Phoenix Park on a Sunday, Dublin, 1966
© The Estate of Evelyn Hofer

On Wednesday the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation presented its programme to mark the 20th anniversary of the Art Collection Deutsche Börse, joined by British artist Martin Parr. The anniversary will be celebrated next year with a series of special events and projects, one of which will be an international exhibition programme. The Art Collection Deutsche Börse is considered one of the most important collections of contemporary photography and currently comprises more than 1,800 works by around 120 international artists.

“From another perspective” was chosen as the theme of the 2019 anniversary celebration. Therefore, exhibitions will be put together at various locations with different partners, including British artist Martin Parr and Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam. The works they selected from the collection provide a varying, multifaceted glimpse into the primary artistic styles found in the Art Collection Deutsche Börse.

“With the Art Collection we have succeeded in building up a collection of contemporary photography of museum quality over the past 20 years. We have taken the anniversary as an opportunity to invite outside experts to share their view of the collection with us”, commented Anne-Marie Beckmann, Director of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, who has been principally responsible for the collection from its inception. “We are looking forward to a varied exhibition programme during this special year.”

“From another perspective” – the 2019 programme

Mitch Epstein, Cocoa Beach I, from the series “Recreation“, 1983, © Courtesy of the artist

The anniversary programme will kick off with the exhibition “We love photography!” curated by Martin Parr. It will showcase around 140 works by 58 artists that he has selected from the Art Collection Deutsche Börse. The exhibition will feature big names in the history of photography such as Walker Evans, Bernd and Hilla Becher or Diane Arbus as well as trailblazers in documentary photography, for example Bruce Davidson, Philip Jones Griffiths and Susan Meiselas. It will also extend to younger artists such as Mike Brodie, Beate Gütschow and Geert Goiris. “We love photography!” will run from 1 February until 24 May 2019 at The Cube, the corporate headquarters of Deutsche Börse, in Eschborn, Frankfurt.

Martin Parr is considered one of the most important practitioners of contemporary photography. In addition to making a name for himself as a successful artist, he is a member of the acclaimed photographic cooperative Magnum Photos, a curator and collector, and has established his own photography foundation, the Martin Parr Foundation. Parr’s work has been represented in the Art Collection Deutsche Börse for many years.

“Photography, as we all know, seems to be the art form in modern times”, he said while introducing the programme. “Through photography, the individual can demonstrate and explore their relationship with our complex, ever-changing world. Art Collection Deutsche Börse represents most of the significant developments in photography in recent years. All of the images make it very easy to understand why ‘We love photography’.”

In its series entitled “Changing views – 20 Years Art Collection Deutsche Börse” the Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam will be presenting five thematically changing exhibitions between 3 May and 7 July 2019 with the following titles: “Germany/Becher School”, “Icons/New Discoveries”, “Globalization – Capitalization”, “Youth Culture” and “Traces of Disorder”. It will showcase an extensive collection of works in the Art Collection Deutsche Börse that records positions on the key themes of the collection. “Changing Views” will be jointly curated by Kim Knoppers, Foam Curator, and Anne-Marie Beckmann, Director of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation.

In summer 2019, the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation will host an exhibition to mark the “Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2019”, one of the most prestigious awards for contemporary photography, granted each year by the foundation in collaboration with the Photographers’ Gallery in London. The works of this year’s four finalists, Laia Abril, Susan Meiselas, Arwed Messmer and Mark Ruwedel, will be on display at The Cube in Eschborn from 14 June until 23 August after finishing their show at the Photographers’ Gallery in London.

New photographic talents are the focus of the exhibition Foam Talents 2018, a programme run by the Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam to promote young talent. Between 6 September and 1 November 2019, The Cube will show works by 20 young photographers selected for the annual Foam Talent Programme. As part of its commitment to promote contemporary photography artists, the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation has served as a Foam Talent Programme partner since 2017. As part of foundation’s collaboration with Foam, works by one of the Foam talents from each year are acquired for the Art Collection Deutsche Börse.

Five large-format photo books titled “XL Photography” have been published on the Art Collection Deutsche Börse over the course of its existence. In spring 2019, the Photography Foundation will release a sixth volume entitled “XL Photography 6” in collaboration with publishing house Kehrer Verlag. It will present all of the collection’s new acquisitions since the publication of the last volume in summer 2015.

Another anniversary exhibition project related to the collection will give Deutsche Börse Group employees the opportunity to choose their favourite works and introduce them in person.

In addition, a series of talks and panel discussions with artists is scheduled to take place throughout the anniversary year. These will be organised by the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation in collaboration with various international institutions.

Art Collection Deutsche Börse

Art Collection Deutsche Börse was established in 1999 and currently ranks among the most important collections of contemporary international photography. It is dedicated to the central themes of contemporary photography from the mid-20th century onward, with subjects ranging from landscapes and portraits to still lifes, interiors and street photography. And it isn’t just works produced for the art market or the museum wall that have been deemed “museum quality”. This is evidenced by the substantial groups of documentary and journalistic work that have been incorporated into the body of the collection. But they all have one thing in common: they deal with and explore the conditio humana, plumbing the conditions of human existence and its place in the world. With their distinctive visual language they convey a portrait of the world today and inspire Deutsche Börse employees and visitors alike.

Since 2015, the non-profit Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation has been responsible for the development, presentation and preservation of Art Collection Deutsche Börse.

Further information

We will be happy to send you press images for “We love photography!” in printable quality on request.

Overview of dates:

  • 1 February – 24 May 2019: Anniversary exhibition “We love photography!”
    Location: The Cube, Eschborn
  • 3 May – 7 July 2019: Anniversary exhibition “Changing Views - 20 Years Art Collection Deutsche Börse”
    Location: Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam
  • 11 May 2019: “Night at the Museums” Frankfurt: Guided tour of the “We love photography!” exhibition together with a special evening programme.
    Location: The Cube, Eschborn
  • 14 June – 23 August 2019: Exhibition “Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2019”
    Location: The Cube, Eschborn, Frankfurt
  • 6 September – 1 November 2019: Exhibition “Foam Talents 2018”
    Location: The Cube, Eschborn

Information for visitors:
The exhibitions at The Cube, the headquarters of Deutsche Börse, can be visited free of charge as part of a guided tour. Please book in advance.
The dates of public guided tours and the current exhibitions are available from:
Additional dates for groups are available by arrangement.

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation is a Frankfurt-based non-profit organisation. The foundation activities focus on collecting, exhibiting and promoting contemporary photography. Deutsche Börse began to build up its collection of contemporary photography in 1999. Art Collection Deutsche Börse now comprises more than 1,800 works by over 120 international artists. Expanding the Art Collection Deutsche Börse is one of the key aims of the foundation. The collection and a changing exhibition programme are open to the public. Together with The Photographers' Gallery in London, the foundation awards the renowned Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize each year. The promotion of young artists is a special concern of the foundation. It supports them in the form of awards, scholarships, exhibitions and cooperations with other institutions, such as the Foam Talents Programme of the Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam. Other focal points include supporting exhibition projects of international museums and institutions, and the expansion of platforms for academic discussion about the medium.