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Deutsche Börse supports business newspaper for schoolchildren

Release date: 25 Jan 2019 | Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse supports business newspaper for schoolchildren


With its retail brand “Börse Frankfurt”, Deutsche Börse Group has recently started to support the school business newspaper "Handelsblatt Newcomer". In the current January edition, Börse Frankfurt is appearing as a partner for the first time. The aim of the cooperation is to familiarise young people from the age of 14 with capital markets topics and stock exchanges. The engagement is one of Deutsche Börse Group's initiatives to promote economic education

"Economic education promotes judgment in many relevant everyday issues. It strengthens the role of the consumer and helps students to make well informed decisions about their careers," says Sven Schumann, Head of Community Relations & Initiatives at Deutsche Börse.

The business newspaper reports five times a year on economic policy, business and finance in a clear and lively language. This way, Handelsblatt Newcomer provides teachers with an instrument with which they can integrate central economic topics into their lessons – also in English. In addition to a printed German-language edition of around 111,000 copies, an online edition in German and English is also available.

The Handelsblatt and the Institute for Economic Education (IÖB) in Oldenburg jointly publish the newspaper. All articles are written by student editors, IÖB staff and Handelsblatt editors. Schools can order the business newspaper free of charge on the website

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