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HFG Fotoförderpreis of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation awarded to Jana Bissdorf

Release date: 09 Jul 2018 | Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

HFG Fotoförderpreis of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation awarded to Jana Bissdorf

The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation together with the Offenbach University of Art and Design (HfG) presented the HfG Fotoförderpreis to Jana Bissdorf on 6 July. The award, with prize money of €2,500, has been presented since 2010 to students at the University of Art and Design who focus on the medium of photography. The presentation was made as part of the HfG Offenbach Annual show.

Jana Bissdorf: “Wege zum Glück” (Ways to happiness)

In “Wege zum Glück” (Ways to happiness) Jana Bissdorf combines photographs from areas of her personal environment with small black and white photographs that she has found, “transplanting” them physically into large-format colour photos with incisions. The assembled images independently refer from one another to untold stories, which differ both temporally and visually, but enter into subtle, ironic and at times disconcerting dialogue with one another. Bissdorf writes, “It is the constant running and seeking, stumbling and finding, shapes and smells, colours, stories. Moments that provoke us, because they evoke memories. Moments that stretch or freeze time, propel us beyond limits, bring us back from the edge of the Cyclops to his eye.”

The jury also expressed an honorable mention to student Tajana Vdovenko. In her group of works “stranded s.o.” and artist's book “mails at midnight”, Tatiana Vdovenko provides glimpses of personal and intimate moments. These visual fragments tell us about emotional moments and situations. The affectionately combined black and white and colour photographs create a touching and poetic unity.

This year’s jury comprised photographer Barbara Klemm, HfG President Professor Bernd Kracke, and Director of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Anne-Marie Beckmann.

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