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New market data feed provides access to all Irish Stock Exchange order book equity data

Release date: 02 Oct 2017 | Deutsche Börse

New market data feed provides access to all Irish Stock Exchange order book equity data

Deutsche Börse is offering the new market data feed CEF ultra+ Irish Stock Exchange Order by Order from October 2017. The ultrafast high-performance data feed enables access to the entire visible Irish Stock Exchange order book and provides clients with comprehensive market data on all ISE-listed equity and ETF instruments traded. The launch extends the Irish Stock Exchange’s market data product offering under its existing strategic partnership.

The development of this new data offering was made possible by the Irish Stock Exchange’s migration to T7 – Deutsche Börse's latest trading technology. The new data product is particularly suited to market participants with automated trading strategies. “Market data with information on individual orders gives a full picture of trading. Computerised processes need such information in order to make quick and precise trading decisions,” said Hartmut Graf, Head of Data Services at Deutsche Börse.

CEF ultra+ Irish Stock Exchange Order by Order provides data of unlimited order book depth on equities and ETFs as soon as it is generated. Further data content comprises buy- and sell-side information as well as price, time stamp and volume of all visible quotes and orders, execution price and quantity of each exchange trade, transaction status and quote and cross requests.

About Deutsche Börse – Market Data + Services

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the world’s leading service providers for the securities industry with a product and service offering for issuers, investors, intermediaries and data vendors. The Group's offering covers the entire value chain from trading, through clearing, to settlement and custody of securities. Market Data + Services is part of Deutsche Börse's IT & Operations, Data & New Asset Classes division and comprises the Group's broad market data offering as well as external technology and network services. Products and services include real-time and historical trading data from the Group trading venues Eurex and Xetra, as well as from cooperation partners. The department also markets reference data for more than 1,000,000 securities and over 11,000 indices including the STOXX and DAX index families, an excellent trading infrastructure and reliable network services.

About Irish Stock Exchange

The Irish Stock Exchange is the dominant pool of liquidity for Irish equities. It operates three equity markets – the Main Securities Market, the Enterprise Securities Market and the Atlantic Securities Market – where companies can raise capital from international investors and are enabled by a world class trading infrastructure, complementary listing regimes and a diverse trading membership network. The ISE is a leading exchange globally in the listing of bonds and investment funds, with over 36,000 securities issued by 4,000 organisations from more than 85 countries on its markets. The ISE also provides trading in Irish government securities, distributes data and announcements and provides LEI and ISIN code services.