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Clearstream regulatory servicesWe are part of the solution

Clearstream's customers – as well as the company itself–  face an unprecedented amount of new regulatory requirements and market reform as a result of policy makers, regulators and the industry aiming to make markets more secure and more efficient.

As a neutral market infrastructure provider and part of Deutsche Börse Group, an integrated exchange organisation, we can and want to be part of the solution to meet these objectives.

Asset safety

We ensure the highest standards of safety for customer assets, including asset segregation and DVP settlement.



We offer two comprehensive reports to support depositary banks in effectively monitoring the performance of the underlying custody chain and in assessing the risks they could be exposed to.



Dedicated services which help customers manage their cleared and uncleared OTC derivatives trades in an efficient and secure manner in line with EMIR.

Capital Markets Union (CMU)

The Square Luxembourg

Learn more about our services in support of the CMU action plan which ease access to non-bank funding, foster market harmonisation and support securitisation.

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