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Deutsche Börse offers MiFID II/MiFIR reporting solutions

14 Jul 2017

Deutsche Börse offers MiFID II/MiFIR reporting solutions

The Second Financial Market Amendment Act (Zweites Finanzmarktnovellierungsgesetz, 2nd FiMaNoG) was published on 23 June 2017. It transposes MiFID II and adapts MiFIR into German law before they become effective on 3 January 2018. With its Regulatory Reporting Hub, Deutsche Börse offers comprehensive solutions to meet the obligations under MiFID II/MiFIR.

With the 2nd FiMaNoG, a number of EU rules are transposed into German legislation: rules which were developed on the EU level in the wake of the financial crisis to improve the integrity and transparency of financial markets as well as investor protection. Many of them govern topics such as financial market infrastructures, the regulation of trading venues as well as changed rules for investment firms and financial instruments. A crucial topic of MiFID II and, of course, of the 2nd FiMaNoG is the expansion of disclosure and reporting obligations to include important market data. For that purpose, new data reporting services providers will be established.

Achieving compliance with an increasing number of regulations poses a major challenge to market participants as they face expanded and additional disclosure and reporting obligations. Deutsche Börse Group has extensive long-standing experience in delivering regulatory reporting solutions as well as in managing the dissemination of time-critical data.

Our Regulatory Reporting Hub combines our comprehensive solutions for regulatory compliance on a single platform. The Hub enables investment firms (sell-side and buy-side clients, corporates) as well as trading venues to meet their regulatory obligations efficiently and reliably. This includes Europe-wide reporting to all relevant national competent authorities as well as fulfilling transparency requirements. Having applied for ARM (Approved Reporting Mechanism) and APA (Approved Publication Arrangement) status, Deutsche Börse Group and its Regulatory Reporting Hub will cover a wide range of service solutions to meet obligations under MiFID II/MiFIR.

MiFID II entered into force and EEX is there to help you.

All derivatives contracts are effected and that leads to increased reporting requirements for you. We have built up a unique compliance service framework to meet MIFID II requirements with minimal effort.

EEX webinar: MiFID II impmeneted. What now?


Need more information about the implementation of MiFID II? Make sure to watch the recording of our MiFID II webinar.

MiFID II/MiFIR: Deutsche Börse approved as ARM and APA

BaFin’s approval confirms that Deutsche Börse is compliant with all relevant requirements. As of 3 January 2018, customers will be able to fulfil their MiFID II/MiFIR reporting obligations via the Group’s Regulatory Reporting Hub.

Obtain your LEI now!


Forthcoming EU regulations, such as MiFID II/MIFIR, will mandate both EU and non-EU market participants to obtain LEIs by 3 January 2018. Why not use our new and simplified LEI issuance process?

MiFID II: what about security mechanisms?

Getting MiFID II-ready is quite the challenge. Read the third in a series of articles on how Deutsche Börse Group is helping its customers get prepared: this time with a focus on security mechanisms.

ESMA: three updated Q&As

The ESMA has published updates on Market Structure, Transparency and Investor Protection to the following Q&A on MiFID II and MiFIR market structures topics, including direct electronic access, tick size regime and systemic internalizers.

Deutsche Börse offers MiFID II/MiFIR reporting solutions

Deutsche Börse Group

The Second Financial Market Amendment Act (2nd FiMaNoG) was published on 23 June 2017, transposing MiFID II and adapting MiFIR into German law. With its Regulatory Reporting Hub, Deutsche Börse will offer comprehensive solutions to meet the obligations under MiFID II/MiFIR.

Well-prepared for MiFID II with Deutsche Börse Group

Read Eurex’s latest paper on the impact of MiFID II/MiFIR on the derivatives market, in particular on market structure. 

MiFID II: a reform, not a review


The white paper maps out the key changes and elements of MiFID II. The most immediate point is the demand upon information gathering.

MiFID II solutions


Our services help our clients to match the transparency and reporting requirements, some of which are highly complex and span regulations, via one Regulatory Reporting Hub.

EEX Group responds to ESMA on MiFID II

In its response, EEX Group expresses its concerns about the upcoming obligation for trading venues to obtain International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) codes at series level.

360T: MiFID II update on own account dealing exemption

Currency FX

The MiFID II own account dealing exemption has been amended to allow non-financial corporate users to be members or have direct access to trading venues.

Videos and webcasts on regulatory topics

Deutsche Börse has developed a series of informative videos and webcasts that provide useful information about the regulatory process.


Trading floor

We provide you with information on the changes to the transparency requirements for pre-trading and post-trading.

ESMA consults on transparency rules for package orders under MiFID II

Bull & bear

ESMA has opened a public consultation on draft regulatory technical standards (RTS) regarding the treatment of package orders under MiFID II/(MiFIR). ESMA invites comments on its draft RTS by 3 January 2017 and will use the feedback received to finalise the standards by February 2017.

Fit for MiFID? Workshop slides now online!

Fit for MiFID

In case you couldn’t join our events across Europe and the US, here are our workshop slides to keep you up to date.

Legal basis

Find the most recent legal text on this regulation here.

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