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Our responsibility

Our responsibilityWe make a virtue of obligation

Financial centre Frankfurt: as the organiser of transparent, safe capital markets Deutsche Börse Group plays an important role for the economy.

Companies are responsible – not just for their business, but also for their social environment. Deutsche Börse Group takes this responsibility very seriously and puts it into practice in its company-wide sustainability management. We see this commitment as an ongoing obligation to our employees, customers and investors, society and the environment to ensure that our company remains competitive in the long term, taking all our relevant stakeholder groups into account.

In 2017, Deutsche Börse Group along with major stakeholders from the Frankfurt/Main financial centre established the Accelerating Sustainable Finance initiative, and expanded its sustainability management through the Group Sustainability Board.

The Board consists of 16 members, three from each area of Executive Board responsibility and the Head of Group Sustainability. The Board’s tasks are to further develop the Group- wide sustainability strategy along the entire value chain and to advise the Executive Board on sustainability issues.

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