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Accelerating Sustainable Finance

The Accelerating Sustainable Finance initiative

The Accelerating Sustainable Finance initiative was launched on 23 May 2017. It was established by Deutsche Börse Group along with major stakeholders from the Frankfurt/Main financial centre. At the launch conference, topics of discussions included the future viability of the financial system, and new structures for sustainable economic activity. The participants signed the Frankfurt Declaration, a general letter of intent about the creation of sustainable infrastructures in the financial sector.

Accelerating Sustainable Finance 2017

The impetus for the initiative was the conviction that current global challenges – such as climate change and the ongoing process of digitisation – are calling for an innovative and solution-oriented approach. One of the key conditions for the development and implementation of such solutions is the transition to a more sustainable financial system at both the local and global levels.

The Frankfurt Declaration demonstrates the signatories’ intention to define the framework conditions for sustainable finance and to put concrete initiatives in place in the Frankfurt financial centre. These are directed towards the identification of innovative business areas and the responsible handling of risks, among other things. The potential of sustainable finance infrastructures must therefore be fully encouraged in order to support positive economic and social development founded on unconditional protection of the natural basis of life.

The launch conference formed the starting point for an open dialogue. The follow-up conferences are to be established as a regular format in the Frankfurt financial centre. The first follow-up conference is scheduled for the second quarter of 2018. Three task forces, on the topics “Sustainable products and services”, “Impact investing” and “ESG data”, were set up following the initial conference. They meet regularly to discuss practicable initiatives in their respective areas.