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Group Sustainability Board

Sustainable entrepreneurship – Deutsche Börse Group establishes new committee

On Monday, 11 July 2016, Deutsche Börse's Group Sustainability Board was constituted within a first meeting at Alte Börse.

The new committee on the trading floor

The Board consists of 16 members; three from each area of Executive Board responsibility, together with the Head of Group Sustainability. The Board’s tasks are to further develop the Group-wide sustainability strategy and to advise the Executive Board on sustainability issues.

Since the financial crisis, disclosure of so-called ESG (environmental, social, governance) information is becoming increasingly important in the framework of an extensive assessment and the mid- to long-term forecast of business performance. Investors, clients, analysts and – last but not least – regulators are becoming more and more insistent that companies disclose not only classic financial indicators but also relevant ESG-related opportunities and risks in their core business. “To fulfil the higher expectations, counter potential risks at an early stage and, above all, to identify future business areas, setting up cross-divisional structures and responsibilities is an important step", stressed Carsten Kengeter, CEO of Deutsche Börse AG, adding: "It is our predominant responsibility to keep an eye on the consequences of our entrepreneurial actions along the entire value creation chain.”

In the course of the meeting, two guests from outside Deutsche Börse Group elaborated on their points of view. Dr Steffen Hörte, Global Head of ESG at Allianz Global Investors, illustrated just how important sustainability information is in the investment analysis and decision process, and Simone Fischer, Partner and Head of Sustainability Services Germany at KPMG, advocated the inclusion of ESG performance into the rating of a company's future profitability.

During the non-public part of the meeting that followed, the committee members discussed initial specific issues – such as the revision of existing guidelines and the further development of Group-wide ESG reporting – and planned the future proceedings of the Group Sustainability Board. The next meeting is scheduled for November 2016.