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Value added

Value addedBreakdown of enterprise performance

Value added: €1,627.1 million

Deutsche Börse Group’s commercial activity contributes to private and public income – this contribution is made transparent in the value added statement.

Value added1) is calculated by subtracting depreciation, amortisation and impairment charges and third-party costs from the enterprise performance. In 2016, the value added by Deutsche Börse Group amounted to €1,627.1 million (2015: €1,541.0 million). The breakdown of value added shows that large portions of the revenue generated flow back into the economy: 28 per cent (€454.3 million) benefited shareholders in the form of dividend payments, while 37 per cent (€607.5 million) went to employees in the form of salaries and other remuneration components. Taxes accounted for 18 per cent (€291.8 million), while 4 per cent (€56.8 million) was attributable to lenders. The 13 per cent value added that remained in the company (€216.7 million) is available for investments in growth initiatives, for example.

1) According to “Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon”, value added is the economic performance generated by the different business areas.

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