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Diversity at Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Börse Group operates worldwide.

Employees from many different nationalities work for us – this is diversity at work.

For this reason, we are a signatory to the “Diversity Charter” and our code of ethics is proof of our commitment to our Group-wide social and corporate responsibilities.

Diversity with respect to nationality

  • Employees from 81 countries

Diversity with respect to education and training

Our diversity is reflected not only in the origins or cultural backgrounds of our employees, but also in the variety of their professional backgrounds. Along with business graduates we employ physicists, mathematicians and IT specialists, as well as graduates holding a degree in the natural sciences or in the humanities.

Diversity with respect to the gender perspective

Overall proportion of women

(as at 31 December 2016)  
Permanent employees: 5,176thereof women: 2,09640%

Proportion of women at management level

(as at 31 December 2016)  

Upper and middle management (Managing Director, Head of Department, Head of Section): 330

thereof women: 4815%
Lower management (Head of Unit): 318thereof women: 8828%

Proportion of women in Deutsche Börse’s High Potential Circle*

(as at 31 December 2016)  
High Potentials: 25thereof women: 1248%

*This programme aims to prepare younger, particularly motivated and talented Group staff for positions of responsibility.

Proportion of women in the committees of Deutsche Börse AG

(as at December 2016)  
Number of Executive Board members: 5thereof women: 120%
Number of Supervisory Board members: 12thereof women: 542%
Number of employee representatives on the Supervisory Board: 4thereof women: 250%
Number of members in the Nomination Committee of the Supervisory Board: 3thereof women: 266%
Number of members in the Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board: 4thereof women: 125%
Number of members in the Staff Committee of the Supervisory Board: 4thereof women: 375%

Our goals in the field of diversity

As a socially responsible employer, Deutsche Börse Group has been offering men and women equal opportunities for a long time; the knowledge and the competence of female managers as well as the performance potential of diversified teams is something we cannot do without.

Due to our various talent development programmes – which are also concerned with providing women with the qualifications necessary to fill managerial positions – the proportion of women at Head of Department level, for example, has increased from 5 to ca. 28 per cent since 2007. Deutsche Börse Group will continue to adhere to this gender diversity approach in the future. We have therefore made it our task to support women in managerial positions as part of a long-term strategy.

In this context, we have set ourselves a number of specific objectives to be reached by 2020:

(as at 31 December 2016)

Supervisory BoardExecutive BoardManagement
at least two female members of the Supervisory Board, representing the shareholders
(share of women by 2017: 33%)
at least one female member of the Executive Board
(share of women by 2017: 20%)
Upper and middle management:
thereof 20% women
Lower management:
thereof 30% women

The Supervisory Board consists of twelve members (eight shareholder representatives and four employee representatives). Three of the shareholder representatives are women. The supervisory board has therefore exceeded its target of 33 per cent with a current 42 per cent proportion of women. Based on the proportion of women in the Supervisory Board of 33 per cent and in the Executive Board of 20 per cent, the Supervisory Board set itself the target of maintaining these figures until the end of the implementation deadline on 30 June 2017. Moreover, the goal is for the Supervisory Board’s future composition to continue to reflect the company’s international profile.

We are convinced that concrete measures – creating structures compatible with the everyday working life of women – are more important and more sustainable than merely determining that a certain percentage of positions have to be held by women. To achieve this, we are implementing the following measures:

  • Target-oriented personnel development, e.g. by mentoring and coaching for women
  • Structured succession planning for top management, e.g. women are particulary suggested
  • Provisions for better compatibility of family and career, e.g. childcare facilities, more flexibility in terms of working hours and place of work, various health-related services

A fact sheet containing further information on diversity at Deutsche Börse Group is available for download below.

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