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A new perspective on sourcing – welcome to Deutsche Börse IT

Deutsche Börse IT provides a large part of its services to other segments within Deutsche Börse Group. In addition, as an operator of other international exchanges and by acting as a sourcing partner, it offers a wide range of solutions to optimise the processes and systems of financial service providers.

As a leading technology service provider in the financial sector, Deutsche Börse IT offers its customers outstanding reliability, speed, capacity for innovation and cost efficiency. It aims not only to optimise operational services but also to pursue a multidimensional approach. By taking into consideration business partners’ individual processes, comprehensive optimisation is ensured through the integration of IT solutions as well as the operation and maintenance of the systems.

Xetra Release 14.0 launched
Deutsche Börse is laying the system-related foundations for implementation of the German High-frequency Trading Act with Xetra Release 14.0. The new release also introduces system-based risk management, enabling market makers to minimise their risks. More
Deutsche Börse acquires enterprise software firm Impendium Systems
Elements, a private cloud platform operated by Impendium, allows customers to be compliant with multiple regulations throughout the world using a single solution. More
New simulation environment: Eurex T7 VPS
Virtualised Private Simulation is a proprietary cloud-based solution providing clients with self-provisioned, on-demand access to Eurex Exchange’s T7 simulation environment. More
Deutsche Boerse complements IT management team
Effective 1 February 2014, René W. Keller is to assume group-wide responsibility for Applications & Architecture as well as the role of Group CIO within the IT&MD+S Executive Board area of Deutsche Börse AG. More