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February 2018

Dear reader,

Innovation is a term bandied around by most companies; Deutsche Börse Group is a company that puts its money where its mouth is. This month’s newsletter is full of products and ideas that are truly innovative. STOXX has launched two new indices based on artificial intelligence, including one that is the first index worldwide to use AI in its calculation. An article from STOXX’s online magazine also looks at how AI is opening up new investment frontiers. Clearstream has just launched a joint research project to explore the potential of AI and natural language processing, two areas that could radically improve processes and services in the post-trade industry.
We also have concrete plans for the exchange building in the centre of Frankfurt. We will create a conference centre and an interactive experience for the general public and make the building a focal point for the financial centre Frankfurt. Take a look at the planned designs – they are pretty spacey. 

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Elaine Humphries
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Corporate news

Advancements in AI open up new investment frontiers


Pulse Online, STOXX’s online magazine, looks at how artificial intelligence is transforming asset managers’ core business beyond recognition.

Frankfurt stock exchange building to become focal point for the financial centre


Deutsche Börse will invest €18.5 million by 2020 in the building located in the centre of Frankfurt to create a conference centre and an interactive experience for the general public.

The rise of the robots

In his blog, Robert Somogy, Director Clearstream Strategic Initiatives, shares his thoughts on how artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to improve processes and services in the post-trade industry.

Annual Reception in London: a must for the financial community

This year saw more than 300 guests at Merchant Taylors’ Hall. After a welcome speech from CEO Dr Theodor Weimer, guests enjoyed an exciting discussion about the success story of Western democracies.

The transition to the new MiFID II world

Deutsche Börse’s Chief Regulatory Officer gives an assessment of the changeover to MiFID II for both the Group itself and market participants.


Start-ups need more than just venture capital


Deutsche Börse Venture Network’s new partnership with Deutsche Handelsbank aims at giving start-ups easier access to debt capital to cover additional expenses.

New: IPO line “Being Public” Open Market


The IPO line supports issuers with exhaustive and clearly structured explanations of the follow-up obligations associated with the Open Market.

Cash & derivatives market

Eurex simplifies its corporate structure


In Europe, the changes reduce legal and operational complexity as well as costs for trading participants. In Asia, Eurex plans to extend its trading hours to include the Asian time zone, to reduce regulatory complexity and cost for clients and expand distribution.

Securities Lending CCP – Eurex Clearing lifts the lid on its platform’s progress


Deutsche Börse’s second breakfast briefing on Securities Lending in London brought together panellists from both sides of the transaction chain for a discussion on where the central clearing odyssey is headed.

2017: Double-digit growth for EEX

EEX achieved significant growth in trading volumes on the natural gas, emissions and agricultural markets.

New ETFs launched on Xetra

Since the last newsletter, seven new ETFs have been admitted to trading on Xetra. All new products at a glance.

Trading turnover in January

With a turnover of €156.5 billion in January, Deutsche Börse cash markets achieved the highest January turnover since 2008 and an increase of 34 percent year-on-year. Turnover at Eurex reached 139.3 million contracts (January 2017: 126.0 million), a y-o-y increase of 11 per cent.

Market data

STOXX launches first global AI index based on AI algorithm


The new STOXX AI index selects its constituents by using artificial intelligence technology, and it is the first thematic index to do so. Also on 23 January, the STOXX AI Global Artificial Intelligence Index was launched. It comprises around 200 companies from a wide range of industries that invest heavily in the development of new AI technologies.

Custody & settlement

Collaborative approach to new technology


Clearstream, the University of Luxembourg and consulting firm escent have launched a joint research project to explore the potential of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The aim is to make post-trade processes more cost- and time-efficient.


Service status – live information on reports and services


Your one-stop shop for information on the availability of our trading and clearing services and of selected reports. As a new feature, an RSS reader allows you to automatically get updates on delays of selected reports.

When every nanosecond counts


Monitoring trades with Metamako technology allows unprecedented insights into our co-location network, helping to meet customer demand for market fairness, transparency and precision.


23–27 April: Certified Derivatives Trader in Zurich


This week-long programme qualifies you not only for trading on Eurex but is also accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and gives you entry to the UK derivatives market. The exam date is 5 May 2018.

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