Certified Derivatives Trader
Derivatives trading requires a profound knowledge and understanding of options and futures. Besides handling various futures and options strategies and calculating the risks, traders also have to be familiar with the market models and trading rules. By means of a perfect combination of theoretical fundamentals and practical exercises, this certificate course covers the necessary fields of knowledge that are required for derivatives trading.

Additionally, you will get access to the Eurex Online System Training which explains the most important functions of the trading system. By attending the certificate course, passing the final examination and completion of the online training program, participants gain the professional knowledge and practical experience required for admission for trading on Eurex, one of the world's leading derivatives exchanges.

Accreditation by the FCA
The program is acknowledged by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) . In combination with two further exams provided by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) the passed exam "Certified Derivatives Trader" is accepted as qualification as "Retail Investment Adviser” in the U. K.

The course covers following topics, for a detailed description please have a look on the brochure "Certified Derivatives Trader"

The passed exam is accepted as module 1 by the European Institute of Financial Engineering and Derivatives (EIFD) for the qualification program Certified Financial Engineer. Participants of this program receive a discount of 500 Euro for the booking of this certificate course.

You will save 10 % for early bookings up to six weeks before the start of the program. The standard price is 3.200 EUR/2,870 GBP, for early booking you pay 2.950 EUR/2.650 GBP (plus VAT) only. Full time students receive 25 % discount, part time students receive 10 % discount (under presentation of a valid certificate of enrolment).

The course takes place from Monday to Friday, the end date below show the date of the examination.

Topics (selection)

Cash markets as underlying

  • Money market, bond market, equity market, foreign exchange (FX) market, commodity market

Portfolio management

  • Portfolio theory, portfolio risk (volatility/correlation)
  • Strategic vs. tactical asset allocation

Basics of derivatives

  • Derivatives and their usage, value driver of derivatives
  • OTC and exchange trading, arbitrage strategies

Forwards, futures and swaps

  • Forward contracts, Forward Rate Agreements (FRAs), pricing
  • Basics of futures, money markets futures, fixed income futures, equity index futures, futures spread trading
  • Swaps and their usage, pricing, interest rate swaps

Regulatory framework

  • Financial regulation in Europe (i. e. EMIR)
  • Market Abuse Directive/Market Abuse Regulation (MAD/MAR)
  • MIFID II/MIFIR, regulation in the UK and USA


  • Interrelations between trading, clearing and settlement
  • Central counterparty - CCP, clearing system


  • Fundamentals and basic options positions
  • Eurex options, risk-reward profiles of the basic options
  • Relationships (put/call parity, synthetic positions, conversion and reversal arbitrage, hedging techniques)
  • Pricing model (time value and intrinsic value, insurance value and interest value
  • Different types of volatility and their importance
  • Key figures ("Greeks"), strategies, hedge rations
  Type: Training Course

Target Group: The certificate course is intended for new employees of financial service providers and banks as well as university students and retail investors with good previous knowledge. It also aims at legal practitioners and consultants who work in the financial sector.

Requirements: Participants should have a good understanding of derivative products.

Walter Braegger or Vincent Couson, Nosco Partners AG
(Courses in Eschborn and Zug)

Paul North, Trainer for Derivatives and Capital Markets
(Course in London)

Stefan Toetzke, GammaVega
(Courses in Eschborn, London and Zug)


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