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Annual Reception at The Cube: “It’s important for us to go our own way.”

Annual Reception at The Cube: “It’s important for us to go our own way.”

03 February 2020 19:00 CET
The Cube Eschborn
Deutsche Börse AG

CEO Theodor Weimer believes Deutsche Börse is on the right track: “Our industry is on the move. It is growing and profitable”, he said at our Annual Reception on 3 February 2020 in Eschborn. “We are growing by our own efforts and, through acquisitions, with a sense of proportion.” More than 800 guests, including the President of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde, listened to the speeches from Theodor Weimer as well as from the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Joachim Faber and Deutsche Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann. 

Annual Reception 2020 - Dr Theodor Weimer
“We have learned to grow through partnerships,” Weimer continued. “In euro clearing, the euro interest rate swap business, we had a market share of one per cent two years ago, now we have a good 15 per cent.” Weimer described acquisitions in the index and fund business: “Strategically, we do the same in the fund business as we do as a stock exchange. We build a broad and robust business model along the entire value chain.” According to Weimer, details of the strategy for the coming years will be presented at the Investor Day in May.

Innovation and growth

Annual Reception 2020 - Dr Joachim Faber
Joachim Faber, for whom it was the last speech at an annual opening as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, began with a review. “Time and again, I have campaigned here to reform pension provision in Germany in the direction of greater capital cover,” said Faber. “For this is the ‘mother soil’ in which a capital market can grow and flourish.” Faber then intensively promoted a new culture of innovation and growth in – and for – Europe. “We need innovations, and we need companies that grow rapidly with these innovations. And who create jobs. On this basis, the capital market has the appropriate instruments to support all those who want to create prosperity in Europe.”

Better communication

Annual Reception 2020 - Dr Jens Weidmann
Deutsche Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann was the evening’s guest of honour. In his lecture on the importance and specific role of monetary policy, he devoted special attention to the topic of communication. Weidmann noted that the experts were well informed about monetary policy, “our communication with the general public has so far been less well researched”. According to the  Deutsche Bundesbank President, the available studies indicate “that monetary policy has so far hardly influenced the expectations of private individuals and companies in this way.” But this is crucial for managing expectations and therefore an important task. Weidmann described effective communication with the broader public as an instrument of monetary policy, because “it is precisely their inflationary expectations that matter when it comes to price changes on the goods markets: when households decide on their purchases, when companies set the prices for their products or when employers and trade unions negotiate wages.”