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Compass 2023

24 Mar 2021

Compass 2023New mid-term growth strategy Compass 2023 of Deutsche Börse Group

The medium-term growth strategy Compass 2023 lays out the strategic direction of Deutsche Börse for the coming years. The most important growth drivers include the latest capital market trends, such as the development from OTC to on-exchange trading, ESG, the increasing importance of the buy-side, the shift towards passive investing and the digitisation of the financial sector. 

Within the scope of its strategy, Deutsche Börse targets net revenue growth of around 10% on average per annum until 2023. As part of that, secular initiatives are expected to contribute around 5% growth and the M&A contribution is expected to increase to around 5% as well. 

The announced acquisition of ISS, a leading provider of governance solutions, ESG data and analytics, has already set a first important Compass 2023 milestone. The move positions Deutsche Börse as a leading global provider of ESG data and analytics. 

In the future, you will find all the important announcements that will contribute to the new growth strategy below. 

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