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Settled in: Clarisse Detrait

29 Oct 2019

Settled in: Clarisse DetraitPeople & ideas at Deutsche Börse

In our "Settled in" series, our colleagues who have decided to start their careers at Deutsche Börse Group share their journeys with us. Next, Clarisse Detrait from the Global Relationship Management team at Clearstream tells us about her experiences and personal milestones within the company.

Clarisse Detrait

When did you start working at Clearstream? 

It has already been 4.5 years. I started as an Intern in March 2015 for a period of ten months in the human resource department. Then, I started at LuxCSD in relationship management as a Legal Entity Identifier administrator. After that, I joined Investment Fund Services as a relationship support officer and before long there was a major reorganistion due to Clearstream PRIME and the IFS relationship management team was merged with other relationship management teams. Luckily, I was offered a job as Client Account Manager for Belgian clients in the Global Relationship Management team, where I have been working since April this year. 

When did you realise that you would like to work in the financial services sector? 

Before my internship at Clearstream Luxembourg, I always thought that finance would be too mathematical and additionally I thought I could not work in a German-speaking country. I am from the south of France and we learn Spanish or Italian but not German. But this internship showed me, that there were no reasons for my concerns. 

What is important for your job?

It is very important to be really honest, be able to speak to people and manage the communication flow. 

What challenges did you accept? 

I think my biggest and most challenging opportunity, so far, is that I was able to become part of Global Relationship Management. As the youngest in the team and working alongside people who have 20 years expericence, I am happy to show everyone internally and externally how I can still successfully manage this role. 

Is there something that inspires you? Work-related or personal? 

Women in general, but particularly those who have a successful career and a happy personal life. These women of power are truly inspirational. 

Do you have any advice for interns or young professionals? 

Be true to yourself, learn as much as possible, take this opportunity to network with colleagues and enjoy the time you spend in the company!

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