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Trading in the middle of the construction site

05 Aug 2019

Trading in the middle of the construction siteRoadmap 2020 insights

Deutsche Börse Group is well on track with its growth strategy “Roadmap 2020”. We now want to take the opportunity to look back at our growth agenda and successes of the past months: in our series “Roadmap 2020 insights” we showcase exciting contributions and developments from our business areas.

At the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, tradesmen are coming and going: the conversion of the historic building in which the trading floor and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Frankfurt are located is in full swing. By 2020, a new interactive visitor centre, a conference centre with room for up to 200 people in the largest room and a two-storey VIP lounge behind the famous DAX board will be built here. “This will make the first day on the stock exchange much more attractive for companies because we are creating a new space for IPO events,” explains Nicole Koludrovic, project manager for the stock exchange conversion and team lead at the Frankfurt location. Overall, Deutsche Börse is investing a double-digit million amount in the building. A look behind the scenes.


Protection part 1

Grey dust screens were installed on the trading floor to prevent traders and reporters from being disturbed by the construction work for the new event lounge behind the DAX board. What most people probably only notice at second glance has a good reason: it serves to protect the specialists and media representatives, including dealer technology and sensitive television cameras.

Cable tangle

From the raised floor, the tradesmen have extended around 10 km of electricity and internet cables. Before the extension, the ZDF's stock exchange studio, which moved within the building, was located here. The two-storey event lounge, which will be used for IPOs but will also be rented out to the public, is being built on this site. Deutsche Börse is thus creating new conditions for companies to present their individual success stories to the capital market. The “Listed in Frankfurt” seal of quality is given a new face.

More space

Until it was closed for reconstruction, 35,000 people from all over the world visited the Frankfurt Stock Exchange each year. In the past, they used this staircase to get from the entrance hall to the visitors' gallery. But it had to make way for the conversion, due to the exhibition space becoming much larger. Economic education simply needs more space!

Outside the door

A concrete mixer and a pump truck transported fresh concrete to the construction site. In the area of the rebuilt staircase, the ceiling opening was closed. Part of the new exhibition space will be located on the poured concrete surface. 

Image copyright: Bankhaus Scheich

From analogue to digital

The extensive collection of knowledge in the new visitor centre must be well structured – this is what our project team is working on. Above all, they want to provide young people with an understanding of what happens on the stock exchange and the function of financial markets. Because financial knowledge is the key to a better share culture. But no matter how digital the exhibition will become: some steps just are better with a pen and sticky notes.

Protection part 2

The so-called foreign shares hall, which can be reached via a staircase from the trading floor, was separated by a fire door as behind it, for good reason, pretty much everything was being gutted.

All new

The hall where specialists look after some of the 1.7 million securities on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is now fresh, modern and bright.


Our purpose

Trust is essential for functioning markets and sustainable economies. At Deutsche Börse, we provide fair and transparent, reliable and stable infrastructures that ensure safe and efficient markets around the globe. By making markets work, we foster growth and contribute to the prosperity of future generations. In short: our purpose is to create trust in the markets of today and tomorrow.

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