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Deutsche Börse spotlight on current affairsUseful facts about the financial market

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the largest exchange organisations worldwide. It organises markets that provide integrity, transparency and security for investors wishing to invest capital and for companies wishing to raise capital. On these markets, professional traders buy and sell shares, derivatives and other financial instruments in accordance with clear rules and under strict supervision. Deutsche Börse Group’s services and systems ensure that these markets operate in an orderly manner and all participants have equal opportunities – worldwide.

In our series of features entitled “Deutsche Börse up to date”, we regularly provide you with objective and reliable figures, data and background information on issues of topical interest in the financial markets.

Current Issues

Financial education

Many people lack economic literacy – how can Deutsche Börse support them?


What benefits will a Capital Markets Union bring?

How does it provide easier and safer access to capital for the real economy and growing companies in Europe?


Exchanges make for organised markets

What are shares, who determines their price and why do quoted prices rise and fall? And what have exchanges got to do with it?

Clearing houses: always be on the safe side

Like an insurance policy for market participants: Risks are minimised and market integrity and stability increase.

0% interest? No, thanks!

How to avoid poverty in old age through targeted asset accumulation.


European elections 2019


The European elections will take place for the ninth time in May 2019. The results of the election will set the EU’s political direction for the next five years and is therefore a guide for all EU citizens as well as for the further development of EU financial markets.

Financial stability: a lot has already been achieved

After the financial crisis, our financial system should become more stable and healthier. Ten years later, Deutsche Börse takes a look at what measures have been taken and how they have affected the financial markets.

What drives the mittelstand?

Digital change, high investments and short innovation cycles pose major challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). What needs to be done and how can Deutsche Börse support these companies? Learn more.

Sustainable finance – more than a catchphrase


The inclusion of sustainability criteria in the entire financial system is indispensable. That is why the industry must engage in rethinking and concrete structures have to be established.