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New CRM puts Eurex at the leading edge

15 Oct 2020

New CRM puts Eurex at the leading edge

The latest stage of Deutsche Börse’s implementation of its SAP Roadmap involves a new CRM for Eurex, the Eurex Sales Cloud. This will bring a range of benefits for both colleagues and clients.

The Eurex Sales Cloud will help the relevant teams at Eurex monitor and steer client interactions, reducing the burden of, for example, reporting obligations and allowing us to focus on what matters the most: our clients.

A range of product design and sales processes will now be automated and the user experience for colleagues greatly enhanced. Furthermore, the new system is highly customizable, allowing colleagues to choose to only receive the information they really need and adapt the available tools to their own requirements.

"Being at the forefront of applying this state-of-the-art technology in a highly regulated industry, the Sales Cloud sets the foundation for sales and marketing automation and will help us to deliver better service to our clients and cater to their specific and unique needs.", says Cornelius Müller, Head of Marketing at Eurex.

Deutsche Börse’s SAP Roadmap

The SAP Roadmap is an ambitious IT programme that involves a full modernisation of our corporate IT landscape and is being implemented over a period of five years. The program involves a widespread step-by-step migration of “on premises” IT solutions to SAP’s cloud-based business software. This includes analysis tools, solutions for human resources and procurement, business travel management, and – of course – customer relationship management.

And these changes will allow the implementation of a range of value-adding functions such as data analytics and machine learning. As this is all taking place on a step-by-step basis, there is no sudden change or “big bang”; our IT landscape is being migrated and modernized in stages. 

Deutsche Börse is the first company in the financial services sector to adopt such a widescale migration to SAP’s Intelligent-Enterprise cloud solution. Indeed, while adoption of the cloud presents particular and unique challenges in our sector, these are even more critical for financial infrastructure providers, where stability, security and resilience of crucial importance. Yet, thanks to our partnership with SAP, we are leading the way and showing the rest of the financial services sector how could technology can be implemented in compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. 

We’re proud to be leading the way and setting an example for the financial services sector in terms of early adoption of SAP’s cloud technology.

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