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Collateral efficiency

Collateral efficiencyCreating industry-leading collateral efficiency through re-use and netting possibilities

GFF is increasing collateral efficiency by providing customers with collateral management solutions that help them meet their OTC and CCP margining requirements effectively as well as optimise collateral mobility across all securities financing products and venues. This covers more specifically the collateral re-use as well as margin netting and balance sheet optimisation.

Collateral management for OTC derivatives

With GFF, Deutsche Börse Group offers an entire suite of services for both CCP-cleared and non-CCP OTC derivatives, including the management of collateral related to both initial and margin requirements.

Clearstream is a one-stop-shop for the collateral management of OTC derivatives in the new regulatory environment. Margin management services for CCP-cleared and non-CCP derivatives include OTC collateral management for variation margin and triparty services for the segregation and management of initial margin. Customers can leverage their existing accounts at Clearstream to meet these regulatory requirements with minimum operational impact and in a cost-efficient manner.